AEHM – Volume 9, Issue 4

Freshwater fishes and fisheries of the world: Biodiversity, health and habitat


Fish, fish habitats and fisheries in New Zealand
R. M. McDowall (New Zealand)

Freshwater fishes of Greece: Their biodiversity, fisheries and habitats
D. C. Bobori and P. S. Economidis (Greece)

Contributed Articles

Restoring the chambo in Southern Malawi: Learning from the past or re-inventing the wheel?
M. Hara (South Africa)

Challenges of an ecosystem approach to water monitoring and management of the African Great Lakes
E. O. Odada and D. O. Olago (Kenya)

Effects of food sources on growth rates and survival of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fry
L. Al-Shamsi, W. Hamza, and A.-F. El-Sayed (UAE)

Succession of bacterial communities during petroleum degradation in bark compost as detected by small subunit ribosomal RNA gene profiles
Y. Nishikawa, M. Saito, and T. Naganuma (Japan)

Macroinvertebrate community composition relative to chemical/physical variables, land use and cover, and vegetation types within a Lake Michigan drowned river mouth wetland
M. J. Cooper, D. G. Uzarski, T. M. Burton, and R. R. Rediske (USA)