AEHM – Volume 9, Issue 3

Lake Winnipeg, remnant of glacial Lake Agassiz, an efficient dispersal route of planktonic crustaceans through central and northern Canada
K. Patalas

Phosphorus geochemistry of recent sediments in the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg
T. Mayer, S.L. Simpson, L.H. Thorleifson, W.L. Lockhart and P. Wilkinson

Climate agreements and technology spillovers – a modeling approach
Rolf Golombek and Michael Hoel

Integrated management of water resources in river basins in China
W.-H. Zeng, Z.-F. Yang, and G.-S. Jia

A coastal vulnerability index and its application in Xiamen, China
Hong Huasheng, Cui Shenghui, and Zhang Luoping

Environmental risk assessment on aquatic-terrestrial gradients in a freshwater tidal area
Jaap F. Postma, Rineke C.M. Keijzers, Jack H. Faber, Angelique C. Belfroid, Gerard J. Stroomberg and Pieter J. den Besten

Significance of coupling of nitrification and nitrate reduction on water quality of a coastal lake that receives nitrate in diverted Mississippi River water
Shenyu Miao, R. D. DeLaune and A. Jugsujinda

Forecasting Phaeocystis globosa blooms in the Dutch coast by an integrated numerical and decision tree model
Qiuwen Chen and Arthur E. Mynett

A management focused investigation into phytoplankton blooms in a sub-tropical Australian estuary
David Rissik, Maria Doherty and David van Senden

Lipid peroxidation and Acetylcholinesterase activity as biomarkers in the Black Sailfin Goodeid, Girardinichthys viviparous (Bustamante) exposed to water from Lake Xochimilco (Mexico)
E. López-López, J. E. Sedeño-Díaz and L. Favari Perozzi