AEHM – Volume 9, Issue 2

Aquatic Ecosystems of Malaysia: Health, Sustainability and Management

M. Munawar, F. M. Yusoff & N. Gopinath

State of Malaysian Environment

Diversity of Malaysian aquatic ecosystems and resources
F.M.Yusoff, M. Shariff, and N. Gopinath

Heavy metal pollution status in the Malaysian aquatic environment
Noor Azhar M. Shazili, Kamaruzaman Yunus, Ahmad Shamsudin Ahmad, Norantonina Abdullah, and Mohd Kamil Abd Rashid

Status, impacts and mitigation of hydrocarbon pollution in the Malaysian seas
A.T. Law and Y.S. Hii

Riverine fish and fisheries in Malaysia: An ignored resource
Muhamad Nasir Abdul Salam and N. Gopinath

Sustainability issues of reservoir fisheries in Malaysia
M.A. Ambak and K.C.A. Jalal

Marine turtles in Malaysia: On the verge of extinction?
Eng-Heng Chan

Seaweed resources in Malaysia: Current status and future prospects
S.M. Phang

Distribution and significance of seagrass ecosystems in Malaysia
Japar Sidik Bujang, Muta Harah Zakaria and Aziz Arshad

Marine capture fisheries
N. Gopinath and S.S. Puvanesuri


Biochemical and molecular indicators in aquatic ecosystems: Current status and further applications in Malaysia
S.G. Tan and C. K. Yap

Coastal erosion and reclamation in Malaysia
Nor Hisham M. Ghazali

Sustainable utilization and management of Mangrove ecosystems of Malaysia
V.C. Chong

Catchment management modeling: from headwaters to the coasts
Koh Hock Lye and Lee Hooi Ling

Challenges of global environmental issues on ecosystem management in Malaysia
Mohd Nasir Hassan, Muhamad Awang, and Abu Bakar Jaafar