AEHM – Volume 9, Issue 1

Aquatic Ecosystems of China: Concerns, Technologies and Management

Mohiuddin Munawar & Sharon Lawrence

Resolving agricultural nutrient imbalances

Nitrogen and phosphorus loads from agricultural non-point sources based on grid-based geographic information systems (GIS)
H. Hong and J. Huang (China)

Nitrogen sources and export in agricultural catchments: A nested catchment comparison
W. Cao, H. Hong, Y. Zhang, and S. Yue (China)

Study of nitrification behavior in aerated biofilters using oyster shell carrier
X. Xiong and Z. Ye (China)

Evaluation of nitrogen balance on pig/crop farm systems in Jiulong River watershed, China
Y. Zeng, H.-S. Hong, W.-Z. Cao, N.-W. Chen, W.-P. Wang, and L.-P. Zhang (China)

Research advances in nutrient runoff on sloping land in watersheds
Y. Li, C. Wang, and H. L. Tang (China)

Mixed integer programming for a swine manure handling system in the Jiulong River watershed
J. Liu, L. Zhang, Y. Zeng, N. Chen, W. Chen, Y. Li, and H. Hong (China)

Hydrogen production by fermentation: Review of a new approach to environmentally safe energy production
N. Q. Ren, Y. F. Li, A. J. Wang, J. Z. Li, J. Ding, and M. Zadsar (China)

Biotic responses to aquatic toxins

Physiological responses of submerged macrophytes to dibutyl phthalate (dbp) exposure
J. H. Li, H. Y. Guo, J. L. Mu, X. R. Wang, and D. Q. Yin (China)

Induction of ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase (EROD) activity in the liver of black porgy (Acanthopagrus schlegeli) exposed to benzo(a)pyrene
X. H. Wang, J. L. Mu, S. H. Wang, J. Q. Lin, and H. S. Hong (China)

Blue-green algae is predominant in Dianshan Lake
Z. Zhang, W. Qu, S. Jiang, and H. Zhu (China)

Socio-economic policy and aquatic management

The coastal wetland’s ecological functions and its changes under anthropic pressure: A case study in Xiamen, China
T. Lin, X. Z. Xue, X. H. Cao, and S. H. Shen (China)

Cumulative effects assessment of bay ecosystem: Xiamen’s Western Sea, a case study
X. Yang, X. Xue, and S. S. Shen (China)

Methods for integrating environment into decision-making in China
Q. H. Fang, H. S. Hong, L. P. Zhang, W. Q. Chen, and X. Z. Xue (China)

Evaluation of marine spatial resources and its application to the establishment marine usage charge: Case study of Xiamen, China
B. Peng, H. Hong, X. Xue, W. Chen, and S. S. Shen (China)

A case study of urban environment—economic management in Xiamen, China
Z. F. Yang, M. R. Su, and L. Y. Xu (China)

The design of public participation in Environmental Impact Assessments
Z.-G. Wang and X.-G. Chen (China)

The development of circular economy in China
J. F. Wang and H. M. Li (China)

Developing public environmental education: Improving community-based environmental management
X. Xue, H. Hong, L. Zhang, X. Xu, and S. S. Shen (China)

A proposal for the application of integrated coastal management for institutional arrangements in Xiamen
L. Zhang, X. Xue, Q. Fang, and S. S. Shen (China)