AEHM – Volume 8, Issue 4

Aquatic Ecosystem Health: Scaling from Local to Global Perspectives

Marc Babut & M. Munawar

Scaling in ecotoxicology: Theory, evidence and research needs
A. R. Johnson and J. H. Rodgers, Jr. (USA)

Is the Arabian Gulf really such a lowspot of biodiversity?: Scaling effects and management implications
A. R. G. Price and C. Izsak (UK)

Biodiversity and aquatic ecosystem functioning: A mini-review
J.-F. Humbert and U. Dorigo (France)

An overview of the impact of non-indigenous species on the food web integrity of North American Great Lakes: Lake Erie example
M. Munawar, I. F. Munawar, N. E. Mandrak, M. Fitzpatrick, R. Dermott, and J. Leach (Canada)

Assessing the ecological integrity after nutrient inputs in streams: The relevance of the observation scale
S. Sabater, V. Acu˜na, A. Giorgi, H. Guasch, E. Guerra, I. Mu˜noz, and A. M. Roman´i (Spain)

Ecotoxicological assessment of pollutant flux released from bottom ash reused in road construction
G. Triffault-Bouchet, B. Clément, and G. Blake (France)

The impacts of road runoff on periphyton in a small upland stream during summer
J.-C. Boisson, C. Boisson, and Y. Perrodin (France)

Are percolates released from solid waste incineration bottom ashes safe for lentic ecosystems? A laboratory ecotoxicological approach based on 100 litre indoor microcosms
B. Clément, G. Triffault-Bouchet, A. Lottmann, and J. Carbonel (France)

Chitobiase activity as an indicator of aquatic ecosystem health
M. L. Hanson and L. Lagadic (France)

Metal accumulation and condition of transplanted zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in metal polluted rivers
L. Bervoets, J. Voets, R. Smolders, and R. Blust (Belgium)

Contributed Articles

Abundance, morphological diversity, and spatial distribution of autotrophic picoplankton in Lake Hovsgol (Mongolia)
O. I. Belykh, E. G. Sorokovikova, I. V. Tikhonova, and A. F. Fedotov (Russia)

Gammarus aequicauda (Crustacea: Amphipoda): A potential test species in marine sediment toxicity assessment
E. Prato and F. Biandolino (Italy)