AEHM – Volume 8, Issue 3

The Great Himalayas: Ecology, Health and Management

R. Baudo, M. Munawar (Italy)

Persistent organic pollutants and mercury in the Himalaya
M. Loewen, S. Sharma, G. Tomy, F. Wang, P. Bullock, F. Wania (Canada)

Measurement and distribution of runoff and soil losses from selected watersheds in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan region
S. Zokaib, M. Jehangir, H. Shah, J. Merz, R. White (Pakistan)

Soil erosion control measures on degraded sloping lands: a case study in Midlands of Nepal
D. Higaki, K.K. Karki, C.S. Gautam (Japan)

Problems of Nepalese hydropower projects due to suspended sediments
B. Thapa, R. Shrestha, P. Dhakal, B.S. Thapa (Nepal)

Biotic communities of Kishanganga River: A pre-impoundment case study of a Himalayan river
J.P. Bhatt, A. Bhaskar, M.K. Pandit (India)

Impacts of a small dam on macroinvertebrates: a case study in the Tinau River, Nepal
C.M. Sharma, S. Sharma, R. Borgstrom, I. Bryceson (Norway)

Knowledge of water quality and water borne disease in rural Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
B. Pradhan, R. Gruendlinger, I. Fuerhapper, P. Pradhan, S. Pradhanang (Nepal)

The Upper Mustang (Nepal) ecosystem: population, water quality and tourism
A.M. Boselli, G.U. Caravello, A. Baroni (Italy)

Contributed Articles

Pollution monitoring of Bagnoli Bay (Tyrrhenian Sea, Naples, Italy), a sedimentological, chemical and ecological approach
L. Bergamin, E. Romano, M. Celia Magno, A. Ausili, M. Gabellini (Italy)

Effects of construction work on crane flies (Diptera: Tipulidae) in the middle reaches of the River Shinano in Central Japan
K. Hirabayashi, Y. Fukunaga, K. Tukada, G. Kimura, T. Mishima (Japan)

Release, bioavailability and toxicity of metals in lacustrine sediments: A case study of reservoirs and lakes in Southeast Brazil
P.F. Silvério, A.L. Fonseca, C.M.R. Botta-Paschoal, A.A. Mozeto (Brazil)

Evaluating methods for assessing sediment quality in a Great Lakes embayment
J.L. Crane, C. Richards, D. Breneman, S. Lozano, J.A. Schuldt (U.S.A.)