AEHM – Volume 8, Issue 2

Burrowing mayflies as indicators of ecosystem health: status of populations in western Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay and Green Bay
T.A. Edsall, M.T. Bur, O.T. Gorman, and J.S. Schaeffer

Paleolimnological assessment of human-induced impacts on Walden Pond (Massachusetts, USA) using diatoms and stable isotopes
D. Köster, R. Pienitz, B.B. Wolfe, S. Barry, D.R. Foster, and S.S. Dixit

Effect of Sediment Geochemistry on the Nutrient Release Rates in Cootes Paradise Marsh, Ontario, Canada
T. Mayer, F. Rosa, and M. Charlton

Spatial variation of benthic macroinvertebrates and the environmental factors influencing heir distribution in Lake Victoria, Kenya
J.R. Muli

Within-lake detection of the effects of tourist activities in the littoral zone of oligotrophic dune lakes
W.L. Hadwen, S.E. Bunn, A.H. Arthington, and T.D. Mosisch

13 years of monitoring of selected biomarkers in Eelpout (Zoarces viviparus) from a reference site in Fjällbacka Archipelago at the Swedish west coast.
D. Ronisz, E. Lindesjöö, Å. Larsson, A. Bignert, L. Förlin

Inferring the feeding habit of the deep-sea, big mouth tunicate Megalodicopia hians by fatty acid analysis
M. Ogawa, T. Kuramochi, S. Takayama, D. Tanimoto, and T. Naganuma

Surface water quality in Manitoba with respect to six chemical parameters, water body and sediment type and land use
E. Pip

Quality assessment of the solid matrix obtained after a process of mechanical separation of harbour sediments
C. Mugnai, F. Pilato, D. Pellegrini, and G. Merico