AEHM – Volume 8, Issue 1

Assessing Risks and Impacts of Contaminants in Sediments (Cont 7(3))

Recent advances in our understanding of sediment-to-water contaminant fluxes: The soluble release fraction
L.J. Thibodeaux

Is sediment or pseudofaeces toxicity responsible for the decline of the amphipod Diporeia hoyi in Lakes Erie and Ontario?
R. Dermott, M. Munawar, S. Carou, R. Bonnell, and H. Niblock

An assessment of sediment contamination in Presque Isle Bay, PA, with historical comparisons
H.R. Diz

Sediment quality and quantity issues related to the restoration of backwater lakes along the Illinois River waterway
M.L. Machesky, J.A. Slowikowski, R.A. Cahill, W.C. Bogner, J.C. Marlin, T.R. Holm, and R.G. Darmody

Modeling the effects of tidal resuspension and deposition on early diagenesis of contaminants
M.-L. Chang, and L.P. Sanford

Role of upper mixed layer depth in forecasting contaminated sediment recovery rates
T.M. Redder, J.V. DePinto, H.P. Holmberg, and J.R. Wolfe

Sediment and heavy metal accumulation in a small canal, Venice, Italy
R. Zonta, J.K. Cochran, F. Collavini, F. Costa, M. Scattolin, and L. Zaggia

Sediment fatty acids associated with seafloor methane seepage in the Nankai and Sagami Troughs, off central Japan
A. Kanekiyo, H. Takasugi, M. Ogawa, and T. Naganuma

Contributed Articles

A review of the impacts of aquaculture and artificial waterways upon coastal ecosystems in the Gulf (Arabian/Persian) including a case study demonstrating how future management may resolve these impacts.
F. Al-Jamali, J.M. Bishop, J. Osment, D.A. Jones, and L. LeVay

Dynamics and toxicity of Anabaena aphanizomenoides (Cyanobacteria) waterblooms in the shallow brackish Oued Mellah lake (Morocco)
B. Sabour, M. Loudiki, B. Oudra, V. Vasconcelos, S. Oubraim, and B. Fawzi