AEHM – Volume 7, Issue 4

Emerging Issues in Lake Superior Research

Emerging Issues in Lake Superior Research
M. Munawar and R.T. Heath

Reconstructing Paleo lake levels from Relict Shorelines along the Upper Great Lakes
S. J. Baedke, T.A. Thompson, J.W. Johnston, and D.A. Wilcox

Organic Carbon Biogeochemistry of Lake Superior
J.B. Cotner, B.A. Biddanda, W. Makino, and E. Stets

Bacterial productivity in Lake Superior, 2001: Implications for Food Web efficiencies in Oligotrophic Freshwater Ecosystems
R. Heath and M. Munawar

Consideration of the bioavailability of iron in the North American Great Lakes: Development of novel approaches toward understanding iron biogeochemistry
R.M.L. McKay, G.S. Bullerjahn, D. Porta, E.T. Brown, R. M. Sherrell, T. M. Smutka, R.W. Sterner, M.R. Twiss and S.W. Wilhelm

Synthetic Organic Toxicants in Lake Superior
J.A. Perlinger, M.F. Simcik, and D.L. Swackhamer

Burrowing mayflies as indicators of ecosystem health: status of populations in two western Lake Superior embayments
T.A. Edsall, O.T. Gorman, and L.M. Evrard

Contributed article

Characterization and comparison of phytoplankton in selected lakes of five Great Lakes area National Parks
M. Becker Nevers and R.L. Whitman