AEHM – Volume 7, Issue 3

Assessing Risk and Impacts of Contaminants in Sediments

G. A. Burton, M. Munawar & V. J. Bierman

R. Baudo

Systematic approach to Weight of Evidence in sediment quality Assessment: Challenges and opportunities
V. E. Forbes, P. Calow

Appropriate use of chemical information in a best professional judgment triad Weight-of-evidence evaluation of sediment quality
G. F. Lee and A. Jones-Lee

Application of a Sediment Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE) in support of TMDL development for the Calcasieu Estuary
G. A. Tracey, S. Poucher, B. Kelley and P. Crocker

Paracelsus’ Dictum for sediment quality (and other) assessments
P. M. Chapman

The contribution of cobalt and manganese to the acute and chronic toxicity of sediments from Lake Molnbyggen and adjacent lakes around Leksand, Sweden
G. Dave and E. Nilsson

Solid phase microextraction fibers for estimating the toxicity of nitroaromatic compounds
J. M. Conder, T. W. La Point, G.R. Lotufo and J. A. Steevens

The potential of screening for agents of toxicity using gene expression fingerpainting in Chironomus tentans
E.J. Perkins, J. Furey and E. Davis

Development of a cell-based screening assay for invertebrate molting disruption
L.S. Inouye, C.Y. Ang and V. A. McFarland

Evaluation of a Real-Time Taqman PCR method for assessment of pathogenic Coliform contamination in sediment: A risk-based approach
K. J. Indest, J. Fury and H. L. Fredrickson

The effect of two mechanical beach grooming strategies on Escherichia coli density in beach sand at a southwestern Lake Michigan beach
J. L. Kinzelman, K. D. Longmaid, R. C. Bagley and R. L. Whitman