AEHM – Volume 7, Issue 1

The influence of sampling frequency on the detection of long-term change in three lakes in the English Lake District
D.G. George, M.A. Hurley

A multivariate approach for evaluating progress towards phytoplankton community restoration targets: examples from eutrophication and acidification case histories
K. H. Nicholls, L. Heintsch, E.C. Carney

Relationship between sediment phosphorus release rates and characteristics of the benthic microbial community in a hypereutrophic marsh
N. Kelton, P. Chow-Fraser, I. Jordan

Benthic algae as bioindicators of agricultural pollution in the streams and rivers of southern Québec (Canada)
I.E. Lavoie, W. F. Vincent, R. Pienitz, J. Painchaud

Using benthos as a tool for coastal management: the impact of the tidal power station on benthic communities of the Rance basin
N. Desroy, C. Retière

Impacts of water development on aquatic macroinvertebrates, amphibians, and plants in wetlands of a semi-arid landscape
N. H. Euliss, Jr. and D. M. Mushet

Influence of habitat, water quality, and land use on macro-invertebrate and fish assemblages of a southeastern coastal plain watershed, USA
J. A. Sawyer, P. M. Stewart, M. M. Mullen, T. P. Simon, H.H. Bennett

Fish assemblage changes in relation to watershed landuse disturbance
D. G. Argent, R. F. Carline

Algal growth potential as an indicator of eutrophication degree in coastal areas under sewage disposal influence
G.A.O. Moser, T.C.S. Sigaud-Kutner, C.O. Cattena, S.M.F. Gianesella, E.S. Braga, K.P. Schinke, E. Aidar

Aquatic ecotoxicity due to oil pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon
A-S. Wernersson

Physiological factors contributing to the species-specific sensitivity of four estuarine microalgal species exposed to the herbicide atrazine
M. E. DeLorenzo, M.Leatherbury, J. A. Weiner, A. J. Lewitus, M.H. Fulton

Inter-laboratory comparison of five marine bioassays for evaluating the toxicity of dredged material
J. Stronkhorst, S. Ciarelli, C.A. Schipper, J.F. Postma, M. Dubbeldam, M.Vangheluwe, J.M.Brils and R. Hooftman

Effect of mechanical removal of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on the water quality and biological communities in a Mexican reservoir
E. Mangas-Ramírez and M. Elías-Gutiérrez