AEHM – Volume 6, Issue 4

P. Bíró

Use of sediment quality guidelines in ecological risk assessment of dredged materials: preliminary reflections
M.P. Babut , J. Garric, M. Camusso, P.J. den Besten

Survey of marine contamination from mining-related activities on Marinduque Island, Philippines: Porewater toxicity and chemistry
R. S. Carr, M. Nipper, G. S. Plumlee

Effect of wastewater treatment plant discharges on the functionnal nitrifying communities in river sediments
B. Montuelle, B.Balandras , B. Volat , C. Féray

Influence of the organic matter on the bioavailability of phenanthrene for benthic organisms
M-H. Lamy-Enrici, A. Dondeyne, E. Thybaud

Ester-linked phospholipid fatty acids in marine sediments: testing the possibility of methane seepage in the Japan Sea
M. Ogawa, D. Tanimoto, T. Okamoto, Y. Saito, Z. Jing, A. Takeuchi, T. Naganuma

Toxicity of Cyanobacteria isolated from the Guadiana River
I .Moreno, A. Cameán, M.J. Tavares, P. Pereira, S. Franca

Acute effects of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) on haematology parameters and hepatic EROD-activity in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
H.Ek, G. Dave, G. Bigersson, L. Förlin

The role of biomarkers in the health assessment of aquatic ecosystems
J.P. Sherry

Enzyme markers in frogs (Rana spp.) for monitoring of risks of aquatic pollution
N.W. Van den Brink, M.B.E. Lee-de Groot, P.A.F. de Bie, A.T.C. Bosveld

Authentication of a physico-chemical variability index in freshwaters: Relationship with biological quality
P.M.V Nirel, R. Revaclier

The effects of stakeholder interactions on capacity for integrated coastal governance in Morocco and Tunisia
G. Jobbins