AEHM – Volume 6, Issue 3

Comparing Great Lakes of the World

Martin Van der Knaap

A hypothesis for assessment of the importance of microbial food web linkages in nearshore and offshore habitats of the Laurentian Great Lakes
R. T. Heath, S-J. Hwang, M. Munawar

Size-fractionated d15N and d13C isotope ratios elucidate the role of the microbial food web in the pelagial of Lake Tanganyika
J. Sarvala, S. Badende, D. Chitamwebwa, P. Juvonen, L. Mwape, H. Mölsä, N. Mulimbwa, K. Salonen, M.Tarvainen, K. Vuorio

Autotrophic picoplankton in Lake Baikal: abundance, dynamics and distribution
O.I. Belykh and E.G. Sorokovikova

Spatial distribution of phytoplankton and picocyanobacteria in Lake Tanganyika, in March and April 1998
K. Vuorio, M. Nuottajärvi, K. Salonen, J. Sarvala

Effect of wind induced water movements on nutrients, chlorophyll-a and primary production in Lake Tanganyika
V.T. Langenberg, J. Sarvala , R. Roijackers

Abundance, biomass and estimated production of planktonic ciliates in Lakes Victoria and Malawi
A.W. Yasindi and W.D. Taylor

Improving fishery catch statistics for Lake Victoria
I.G. Cowx, M. van der Knaap, L. Muhoozi, A. Othina

Shifts in the diets of slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus) and lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) in Lake Ontario following the collapse of the burrowing amphipod Diporeia
R. W. Owens, D.E. Dittman

Length at maturity and gillnet selectivity of Lake Tana’s Barbus species (Ethiopia): Implications for management and conservation
M. de Graaf, M. Michaels, T. Wudneh, and F.A. Sibbing

Ecological position of ‘small barbs’ and their potential for fisheries: an option to reduce fishing pressure on ‘large barbs’ of Lake Tana (Ethiopia)?
E. Dejen, J. W. M. Osse, F. A. Sibbing

Characterisation of environmental gradients using physico-chemical measurements and diatom densities in Nairobi River, Kenya
G. G. Ndiritu, N. N. Gichuki, P. Kaur, L. Triest

Epilogue: GLOW III Symposium, Arusha, Tanzania: Climate, Food-webs, Biodiversity and Integrated Management
M. van der Knaap, and M. Munawar