AEHM – Volume 6, Issue 2

Barometers of aquatic ecosystem health and integrity

Preface: Barometers of aquatic ecosystem health and integrity
A.R.G. Price, M. Munawar and P.J. den Besten

Phytoplankton responses to nutrient sources in coastal waters off Southeastern Australia
T.R Pritchard, R.S.Lee, P.A Ajani, P.S Rendell, K. Black., K. Koop

Environmental status of Yemen’s Gulf of Aden coast determined from rapid field assessment and satellite imagery
G. Wilson, A.R.G. Price, T. Huntington, S.C. Wilson

Assessing marine ecosystem health: the long-term effects of fishing on functional biodiversity in North Sea benthos
J. Bremner, C.L.J. Frid, S.I. Rogers

Assessing coastal practitioners’ views on environmental indicators: Case studies in U.S. Pacific Northwest estuaries
B.E. Ferriss, T. Leschine (U.S.A.)

Long-term changes in functional properties and biodiversity of plankton in Lake Greifensee (Switzerland) in response to phosphorus reduction.
HR. Bürgi, H. Bührer, B. Keller (Switzerland)

Quality control of drinking water from the River Rhine with the multispecies freshwater biomonitor
A. Gerhardt, L. Janssens de Bisthoven, E. Penders (Germany)

Use of rare macroinvertebrate taxa and multiple-year data to detect low-level impacts in rivers
E. Turak, K. Koop (Australia)

Mesocosm experiments with field and laboratory studies to generate Weight-of-Evidence risk assessments for ecosystem health
K.J. Cash, J.M. Culp, M.G. Dubé, R.B. Lowell, N.E. Glozier, R.B. Brua, (Canada)

An integrated assessment of the ecosystem health of a protected area: Fathom Five National Marine Park, Lake Huron
M. Munawar, I.F. Munawar, R. Dermott, O.E. Johannssen, D. Lynn, S.F. Munawar, H. Niblock (Canada)

A diversity oriented approach to ecosystem health assessment: a multiattribute fuzzy systems analysis of the North Sea
J.M. McGlade (United Kingdom)

Contributed Article

In situ bioassays with Chironomus riparius: laboratory-field comparisons of sediment toxicity and effects during wintering
P.J. den Besten, A. Naber, E.M.M. Grootelaar, C. van de Guchte, (The Netherlands)