AEHM – Volume 6, Issue 1

Freshwater Biodiveristy in Australia

M. Munawar

Arthur Georges, Angela H. Arthington & Pierre Horwitz

Conservation of the platypus, Ornithorhynchus anatinus: Threats and challenges
T.R. Grant and P.D. Temple-Smith

From Mound Springs to Mighty Rivers – Freshwater Molluscs and their Discovery and Conservation in Australia
W.F. Ponder and K.F. Walker

Australian wetland plants and wetlands in the landscape: Conservation of diversity and future management
Margaret A. Brock

Imperilled subsurface waters in Australia: Biodiversity, threatening processes and conservation
A.J. Boulton, W.F. Humphreys, and S.M. Eberhard

Imperilled rivers of Australia: Challenges for assessment and conservation
L.A. Barmuta

Ecological impacts and institutional and economic drivers for water resource development- a case study of the Murrumbidgee River, Australia
R.T. Kingsford

Can conservation assessment criteria developed for terrestrial systems be applied to riverine systems?
H. Dunn

Challenges to the conservation of Australian freshwater biodiversity : An epilogue
P. Cullen