AEHM – Volume 5, Issue 4

Coral mortality and recovery in response to increasing temperature in the southern Arabian Gulf
C. Sheppard and R. Loughland

The discrimination of the response pattern of inter-phylum phytoplankton diversity to long-term eutrophication trends in Lake Kasumigaura, Japan
N. Sugiura, B. Wei, and T. Maekawa

Ecosystem health assessment in five shallow tropical waterbodies
S. Datta and B.B. Jana

Estrogenicity of domestic and industrial effluents in Sweden
A. Svenson, S. Orn, A-S. Allard, T. Viktor, J. Parkkonen, P.-E. Olsson, L. Forlin and L. Norrgren

A Brown Tide Bloom index based on the potential harmful effects of the brown tide alga, Aureococcus anophagefferens
M. D. Gastrich and C.E. Wazniak

Effect of nitrate and phosphate concentration on production of microcystins by Microcystis viridis NIES 102K.
Kameyama, N. Sugiura, H. Isoda, Y. Inamori, and T. Maekawa

Screening for cyanobacterial hepatotoxins in herring and salmon from the Baltic Sea
V.O. Sipia, K. Lahti, H. T. Kankaanpaa, P.J. Vuorinen, and J.A.O. Meriluoto

Status of ecological health of wetlands in Punjab, India
S.S. Ladhar

Heavy metals in biota from Sundarban Wetland Ecosystem, India: Implications to monitoring and environmental assessment
S. K. Sarkar, B. Bhattacharya, S. Debnath, G. Bandopadhaya and S. Giri

Lithium as a normalizer for the assessment of anthropogenic metal contamination of sediments of the southern area of Patos Lagoon
L.F.H. Niencheski, B. Baraj, R.G. Franca, and N. Mirlean