AEHM – Volume 5, Issue 3

Great Lakes of the World: Food Web, Fisheries and Management

M. Munawar

African Great Lakes

Key elements of fisheries management on Lake Victoria
M. van der Knaap, M. J. Ntiba and I.G. Cowx

Comparison of thermal stratification, light attenuation, and chlorophyll-a dynamics between the ends of Lake Tanganyika
V T. Langenberg, L. M. Mwape, K. Tshibangu, J.-M. Tumba, A.A. Koelmans, R. Roijackers, K. Salonen, J. Sarvala, and H. Mölsä

Ecosystem monitoring in the development of sustainable fisheries in Lake Tanganyika
H. Molsa, J. Sarvala, S. Badende, D. Chitamwebwa, R. Kanyaru, M. Mulimbwa, and L. Mwape

Pelagic food web as the basis of fisheries in Lake Tanganyika: A bioenergetic modeling analysis
Jouko Sarvala, Marjo Tarvainen, Kalevi Salonen, and Hannu Mölsä

Monitoring, assessing, and managing fish stocks in Lake Malawi/Nyassa: Current approaches and future possibilities
W R.T. Darwall and E. H. Allison

The relationship between organic matter, invertebrates, and bacteria in the sediments of Lake Malawi
Patrick Buat, Patricia S. Ramlal and Stephanie J. Guildford

Sustainable management of the African Great Lakes: Science for development?
Edward H. Allison

North American Great Lakes

Soft sediment as a constraint on the spread of the zebra mussel in western Lake Erie: Processes and impacts
John P. Coakley, N. Rasul, S. E. Ioannou, and G. R. Brown

Planktonic ciliates of the North American Great Lakes: Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario
Mohiuddin Munawar and Denis H. Lynn

Statistical trend analysis and classification of Lake Erie with size-fractionated primary production changes
A.H. El-Shaarawi and M. Munawar

Other Lakes

Lake Peipsi: Changes in nutrient elements and plankton communities in the last decade
Külli Kangur, Anu Milius, Tönu Mols, Reet Laugaste, and Juta Haberman

Long-term trends in the fish communities of Lakes Peipsi and Võrtsjärv (Estonia)
Andu Kangur, Peeter Kangur, and Ervin Pihu

GLOW II conference, Ireland, 2000: Sustainability, research, monitoring, and management
G. Coulter and K. Irvine