AEHM – Volume 10, Issue 3

The State of the Gulf Ecosystems: Future and Threats

Preface: Speech of H.H. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahayan

Prof. Dr. Walter R. Erdelen

M. Munawar, W. Hamza, F. Krupp, B. Böer & S. Al-Ghais Guest Editor

Multiple stressors and ecosystem-based management in the Gulf
Nuzrat Yar Khan

Gulf desert developments encompassing a marine environment, a compensatory solution to the loss of coastal habitats by infill and reclamation: the case of the Pearl City Al-Khiran, Kuwait.
D.A. Jones, T. Ealey, B. Baca, S. Livesey, and F. Al-Jamali

The effects of the river diversion, Mesopotamian Marsh drainage and restoration, and river damming on the marine environment of the northwestern Arabian Gulf
F.Y. Al-Yamani, J.M. Bishop, K. Al-Rifaie, and W. Ismail (Kuwait)

Baseline ecological survey of Huwar Islands, The Kingdom of Bahrain
K. Zainal, H. Al-Sayed, E. Ghanem, E. Butti, H. Nasser (The Kingdom of Bahrain)

Changes in the coastal zone of Abu Dhabi determined using satellite imagery (1972 – 2003)
R.A. Loughland, P. Saenger, G. Luker, K. Siddiqui, B. Saji, M. Belt, K. Crawford (UAE)

New mangrove ecosystem data along the UAE coast using remote sensing
A. Al Habshi, T. Youssef, M. Aizpuru, F. Blasco

Halophytes and associated properties of natural soils in the Doha area, Qatar
B. T. Yasseen and R. F. Al-Thani

Crab induced salt marsh regeneration after the 1991 Gulf War oil spill
Dr. Hans-Jörg Barth (Germany)

Petroleum hydrocarbons in water and sediments of northwest Arabian Gulf 1980-2005
Faris J. M. Al-Imarah, Abass A. Hantoosh and Ali M. Nasir (Iraq)

Subtidal crabs of the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf: New collections and biogeographic considerations
Reza Naderloo and Alireza Sari (Iran)

The development of a marine and coastal natural resource atlas: Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
R. A. Loughland, A.M. Darwish, K. Saddiqui, S.S. Fadel, A.A. Al-Ali, K. Crawford (UAE)

UNESCO’s activities in view of the Gulf ecosystems
B. Böer

Gulf I conference report
W. Hamza & M. Munawar Conference Co-chairs