AEHM – Volume 10, Issue 2

Freshwater fishes of South America: Their biodiversity, fisheries and habitat


The Magdalena River fresh water fishes and fisheries
Germán Galvis, and José Iván Mojica (Colombia)

The freshwater habitats, fishes, and fisheries of the Orinoco River basin
Marco A. Rodríguez, Kirk O. Winemiller, William M. Lewis, Jr., and Donald C. Taphorn Baechle (Canada)

Freshwater fishes of the Amazon River basin: their biodiversity, fisheries, and habitats
Wolfgang J. Junk, Maria Gercilia Mota Soares, and Peter B. Bayley (Germany)

Fish diversity in the upper Paraná River basin: habitats, fisheries, management and conservation
A.A. Agostinho, F. M. Pelicice, A.C. Petry, L.C. Gomes, and H.F. Júlio Junior (Brazil)

Fish diversity and ecology, habitats and fisheries for the un-dammed riverine axis Paraguay-Parana-Rio de la Plata (Southern South America)
R. Quirósa, J.A. Becharab, and E.K. de Resendec (Argentia)

Freshwater fishes of the Altiplano
Irma Vila, Rodrigo Pardo and Sergio Scott (Chile)

Freshwater fishes of Patagonia in the 21st Century after a hundred years of human settlement, species introductions, and environmental change
Miguel A. Pascual, Víctor Cussac, Brian Dyer, Doris Soto, Pablo Vigliano, Silvia Ortubay, and Patricio Macchi (Argentina)

Freshwater fishes of South America: their biodiversity, fisheries, and habitats — a synthesis
Wolfgang J. Junk (Germany)