AEHM – Volume 10, Issue 1

Sediment Quality Assessment: Watershed – Sediment Management from Source to Sink

E. de Deckere & M. Munawar

An approach for looking at sediment quality on a national perspective
D.S. Ireland (U.S.A.)

Key issues on sediment quality assessment: a review of South American research with emphasis on Brazil
I.A. Nascimento (Brazil)

Sediment impacts in Africa’s transboundary lake/river basins: case study of the East African Great Lakes
D.O. Olago, and E.O. Odada (Kenya)

Factors affecting metal mobility and bioavailability in the superficial intertidal sediment layer of the Scheldt estuary
G. Du Laing, D. Vanthuyne, F.M.G. Tack, and M.G. Verloo (Belgium)

Physico-chemical and environmental characterisation of sediments from Cantabrian estuaries (Northern Spain)
A. Coz, C. Gonzalez-Pinuela, A. Andrés, and J. R. Viguri (Spain)

Interpretation of anthropogenic input of metals in the South China Sea bottom sediments off Terengganu (Malaysia) coastline using Al as a reference element
N.A.M. Shazili, B.Y. Kamaruzzaman, N.A. Antonina, S. Zauyah, J. Bidai, A.A. Shamsudin, and A.R. Kamil (Malaysia)

Heavy metal distribution of the South China Sea Continental shelf sediments off Sabah and Sarawak coastlines
A. Nor Antonina, M. S. Noor Azhar, H. M. Lokman, D. Siti Zauyah, Y. Kamaruzzaman, and A.A. Shamsuddin (Malaysia)

Organic matter and dissolved inorganic nitrogen distributions in estuarine muddy deposits
M.S. Chen, S. Wartel, L.M. Lavkulich, W. Baeyens, L.Goeyens, and N. Brion (Belgium)

Sediment characteristics and sedimentation-erosion processes on Ketenisse polder one year after leveling
I. Verbessem, E. Van den Bergh, N. De Regge, J. Soors, W. De Belder, and R. De Groot (Brussels)

Sediments in ships: organic biota as biological contaminants
S.A. Bailey, I.C. Duggan, K. Nandakumar, and H.J. MacIsaac (Canada)

A weight of evidence approach to assess sediment quality in the Guadalquivir estuary
T.A. DelValls, and I. Riba (Spain)

Influence of harbour construction on mud accumulation in the Scheldt estuary
S. Wartel, M. Chen, G.T.M. van Eck, and D. van Maldegem (Belgium)

Contributed Article

Restrictions on dredging as an impaired beneficial use under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
Gail Krantzberg, and Kelly Montgomery (Canada)