AEHM – Volume 5, Issue 2

Aquatic Ecosystem Health of Philippine Lakes

M. Munawar

Water quality trends and trophic state assessment of Laguna de Bay, Philippines
Carlito R. Barril, Elvira T. Tumlos

The ecological status of Lake Laguna de Bay, Philippines
M. Tamayo-Zafaralla, R. A. V Santos, R. P Orozco, and G. C. P Elegado

An assessment of fishery resources of Laguna de Bay
Adelaida L. Palma, Adan S. Diamante, and Romualdo M. Pol

Policy options to encourage community support for the sustainable development of Philippine lakes: Insights from Laguna de Bay
Ben S. Malayang III, Nicomedes D. Briones, and Zenaida B. Catalan

Origin and geologic features of Taal Lake, Philippines
Emmanuel G. Ramos

Contributed Articles

Assessing freshwater inflows to the hypersaline lower Laguna Madre Estuary of Texas using spectral radiometry, aerial videography, and in situ physicochemistry
Charles F Webster, Randall L. Repic, David Escobar, James Everitt, M. R. Davis

Status of water quality at Holbox Island, Quintana Roo State, Mexico
Kim Chi Tran, David Valdes, Jorge Euan, Elizabeth Real, EIoy Gil

Bioaccumulation of metals in the East Calcutta wetland ecosystem
Buddhadeb Chattopadhyay, A. Chatterjee, S. K. Mukhopadhyay

Heavy metal distribution in bottom sediments of a Mexican reservoir
P. Avila-Pérez, J. A. Garcia-Aragón, C. Diaz-Delgado, S. Tejeda-Vega, R. Reyes-Gutiérrez

Characterization of the mangrove plant community and associated sediment of Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, Brazil
H. Freitas, M. L. S. Guedes, D. H. Smith, S. S. Oliveira, E. S. Santos, E. M. da Silva


Biodiversity of periphyton (diatoms) and echinoderms around a refinery effluent, and possible associations with stability
C. Izsak, A. R. G. Price, J. T. Hardy, P. W. Basson