AEHM – Volume 5, Issue 1

Resilience and Integrity of Aquatic Ecosystems

M. Munawar

Resilience in aquatic ecosystems – hysteresis, homeostasis and health
C.S. Reynolds (U.K)

Seasonal dynamics in the concentrations and retention of phosphorus in shallow Danish Lakes after reduced loading
M. Søndergaard, J. P. Jensen, E. Jeppesen and P. H. Møller (Denmark)

Response of phytoplankton, zooplankton and fish to re-oligotrophication: an 11-year study of 23 Danish Lakes
E. Jeppesen, J. P. Jensen, M. Søndergaard (Denmark)

Alteration of phytoplankton structure in Lake Lucerne due to trophic conditions
H.R. Bürgi, P. Stadelmann (Switzerland)

Biodiversity of periphyton (diatoms) and echinoderms around a refinery effluent, and possible associations with stability
C. Izsak, A.R.G. Price, J.T. Hardy, P.W. Basson (UK)

Pollution and recovery of Lake Orta (Italy): Resilience at work?
R. Baudo (Italy)

Is Lake Erie a resilient ecosystem?
M. Munawar, I.F. Munawar, R. Dermott, H. Niblock, S. Carou (Canada)

Governance of transboundary pollution in the Danube River
J. M. McGlade (UK)