AEHM – Volume 4, Issue 4

Freshwater fish habitat, science and management: a global perspective

Preface: Freshwater Fish Habitat Science and Management: A Global Perspective
C.K. Minns


Getting the measure of freshwater fish habitat in New Zealand
R.M. McDowall (New Zealand)

Stream fish habitat science and management in Japan: a review
Y. Taniguchi, M. Inoue, Y. Kawaguchi (Japan)

Fresh water fish habitat science and management in India
S.K. Ghosh, A.G. Ponniah (India)


Freshwater fish habitat science and management in Greece
D.C. Bobori, P.S. Economidis, E.G. Maurakis (Greece)

Status of freshwater fish habitat science in Great Britain
S. Hughes, M. Aprahamian, J. D. Armstrong, R. Gardiner, N. Milner (Great Britain)

Freshwater fish habitat: science, management and conservation in France
Y. Souchon, P. Keith (France)

Fish habitat science and management in Finnish freshwaters
J. Jurvelius, H. Auvinen (Finland)


Science for freshwater fish and habitat management in Canada: Current status and future prospects
C. K. Minns (Canada)

Freshwater fish habitats in Amazonia: state of knowledge, management and protection
W. J. Junk, M. G. M. Soares (Germany)

Invited Perspective Essay

A framework for the advancement of aquatic science – lake habitat experiments as an example
J.R.M. Kelso, R.J. Steedman, J.M. Gunn, K.E. Smokorowski, N.P. Lester, W.G. Cole, C.K. Minns, K.H. Mills (Canada)

Contributed Articles

Spatial characterization of water quality in seven eastern Kentucky reservoirs using multivariate analyses
S. E. Davis III, B.C. Reeder (USA)

Toxicity studies of tobacco wastewater
D. T. Sponza (Turkey)

Impact of Environmental Aberrations on Fisheries of Ganga (Ganges) River
M. Sinha, M. A. Khan (India)

Organochlorine Contamination in the fishes of the River Ganges, India
A. Kumari, R.K. Sinha, K. Gopal (India)

oneFish community directory: Innovation in development research communications – an information paper
T. Bostock, J. Baron (Italy)