AEHM – Volume 4, Issue 3

Aquatic ecosystems of tropical and temperate regions: Health and management

Editorial: Aquatic ecosystems of tropical and temperate regions: Health and management
M. Munawar

Sustainable use of the Amazon River floodplain: problems and possibilities
W. J. Junk (Germany)

Wise use of wetlands, the Ramsar Convention on wetlands, and the need for an Asian Regional Wetlands Training Initiative
A. H. Mitchell (Malaysia)

What defines a ‘healthy’ lake? Evidence from Lake Naivasha, Kenya
D.S. Hubble, D.M. Harper (UK)

Freshwater biodiversity: An outlook of objectives, achievements, research fields and co-operation
P. Bíró (Hungary)

Assessment and monitoring of ecosystem health in the sea: A description of the Swedish monitoring system for coastal marine areas
G. Dave (Sweden)

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) and roach (Rutilus rutilus): Two species suitable for evaluating effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals?
L. Andersen, G.I. Petersen, Å. Gessbo, S. Örn, H. Holbech, P. Bjerregaard, L. Norrgren (Denmark)

Contributed papers

Burrowing mayflies (Hexagenia) as indicators of ecosystem health.
T.A. Edsall (U.S.A.)

Development of multimetric indices of biotic integrity for riverine and palustrine wetland plant communities along Southern Lake Michigan
T.P. Simon, P.M. Stewart, P. E. Rothrock (U.S.A.)

The status of the macroinvertebrate community in the St. Croix River, Minnesota and Wisconsin: An examination of ecological health using techniques of multivariate analysis
T.P. Boyle, M. Strand (U.S.A.)

Assessing atrazine pollution potential to a drinking water reservoir using remote sensing and geographic information system modeling
S.F. Atkinson, W.T. Waller, T.J. Crooks (U.S.A)