AEHM – Volume 4, Issue 1

A methodology for identifying and classifying aquatic biodiversity investment areas: Application in the Great Lakes basin
Morrisson, H., Minns, C., Koonce, J. (Canada)

Thraustochytrids: a forgotten agent of the marine microbial food chain
Kimura, H., Naganuma, T. (Japan)

Physical variables, carbon cycling and primary producers coupling in a shallow tropical lagoon (Barra lagoon, Brazil)
Carmouze, J. P., Domingos, P. (Brazil)

The dynamics of nutrient enrichment and primary production related to the recent changes in the ecosystem of the Black Sea
Yayla, M., Yilmaz. A., Morkoc, E. (Turkey)

The diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates as an indicator of water quality and ecosystem health: A case study for Brazil
Barbosa, F.A.R., Callisto, M, Galdean, N. (Brazil)

Toxicity and mutagenecity of urban wastewater treated with different purifying processes
Sanchez Mata, J., Fernandez, V., Chordi, A., Tejedor, C. (Spain)

Status of the Guadiana estuary (South Portugal) during 1996-1998: an ecohydrological Approach
Chicharo, M., Chicharo, L., Galvao, H, Barbosa, A., Marques, M. Andrade, J., Esteves, E. Miguel, C., Gouveia, C., Rocha, C. (Portugal)

Biological structure and dynamics of littoral fish assemblages in the Eastern Finger Lakes
McKenna, J.E. Jr. (U.S.A.)

Aquatic ecosystem rehabilitation: Targets, actions, responses
Zarull, M., Hartig, J. (Canada)