AEHM – Volume 3, Issue 4

State of Brazilian Aquatic Ecosystems

I.A. Nascimento & M. Munawar

Current approaches and future directions for contaminant-related impact assessments in coastal environments: Brazilian perspective
Nipper, M.

Integration of varying responses of different organisms to water and sediment quality at sites impacted and not impacted by the petroleum industry
Nascimento, I.A., Smith, D.H., Pereira,  S.A., Sampaio de Araujo, M.M., Mariani, A.M.

Effects of petroleum and its derivatives in benthic communities at Baia de Todos os Santos/ Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, Brazil
Peso-Aguiar, M.C., Smith, D.H., Assis, R.C.F., Santa-Isabel, L.M., Peixinho, S., Gouveia, E.P., Almeida, T.C.A., Andrade, W.S., Carqueija, C.R.G., Kelmo, F., Carrozzo, G., Rodrigues, C.V., Carvalho, G.C., Jesus, A.C.S.

Assessment of oil refinery waste on Rhizophora mangle L. seedling growth in mangroves of Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, Brazil
Orge, M.D.R., Porsche, I.J., Costa, M.C., Lima, J.S., Soares, S.E.D., Justino, R.

Isomers of the dodecylbenzene in marine sediments from the Todos os Santos Bay – Bahia, Brazil
Souza Santos, V.L.C., Coelho Raymundo, C., Tavares, T.

Ecotoxicological diagnosis of Aratu Bay, Bahia, Brazil: A new approach to validate a reactive short term toxicity end-point by comparison with intertidal benthic activity
Nascimento, I.A., Smith, D.H., Gomes, M.G.S., Santos, G.V., Pereira, S.A.

Biomonitoring of heavy metals and organochlorinated compounds in a pulp mill effluent using introduced mussels
Furley, T.H., Filho, A.C.

Metals on the sediments of Jaua Lake (Camacari, Bahia, Brazil) after an Episode of industrial contamination
da Silva, E.M.,  Navarro, M.F.T.,  Barros, A.F.,  Mota, M.F.V., Chastinet, C.B.A.

Distribution of particulate trace metal in the south of Patos Lagoon estuary
Niencheski, L.F.,  Baumgarten, M.G.Z.

Limnological characteristics of three aquatic systems of the pre Amazonian floodplain, Baixada Maranhese (Maranhao, Brazil)
Ibanez, M.S.R.,  Cavalcante, P.R.S., Barbieri, R., Costa Neto, J.P., Pontes, J.P., Santana, S.C.C.,  Serra, C.L.M.

Tidal effects on nutrients and phytoplankton distribution at Betioga Channel, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gianesella, S.M.F., Saldanha-Correa, F.M.P., Teixeira, C.

Lotic ecosystems of Serra do Cipo, south-east Brazil: water quality and a tentative classification based on the benthic macroinvertebrate community
Galdean, N., Callisto, M., Barbosa, F.A.R., Rocha, L.A.

The disappearing fish: an understanding of sustainability among estuarine fishermen communities of Braganca, PA
de Barros, H.M., Eskinazi-Leca, E., Paranagua, M.N.

Brazilian mangroves
Y. Schaeffer-Novelli, G. Cintrón-Molero, M.L.G. Soares & T. De-Rosa