AEHM – Volume 3, Issue 3

Methods for assessing the toxicological significance of metals in aquatic ecosystems: Bioaccumulation-toxicity relationships, water concentrations, and sediment spiking approaches
Borgmann, U.

Sediment and water phase toxicity and UV-activation of six chemicals used in military explosives
Dave, G., E. Nilsson, A.-S. Wernersson

Assessing pollution and UV enhanced toxicity in Torsviken (Sweden), a shallow bay exposed to contaminated dredged harbor sediment and hazardous waste leachate
Wernersson, A.-S., G. Dave, E. Nilsson

Biological and chemical monitoring after pilot remediations in the delta for the rivers Rhine and Meuse
Den Besten, P.J., J.F. Postma, J.W.M. Wegener, H. Keidel, A. Klink, J. Mol, C. van de Guchte

Ecotoxicological assessment in the rivers Rhine (The Netherlands) and Po (Italy)
Camusso, M., D. Vignati, C. van de Guchte

Sediment quality assessment of flowing waters in South-West Germany using acute and chronic bioassays
Ziehl, T.A., A. Schmitt

Influence of sediment organic matter and fluoranthene-spiked sediments on some bacterial parameters in laboratory freshwater / formulated sediment microcosms
Verrhiest, G., B. Clement, G. Merlin

Sediment mutagenicity testing: development of substance specific bacterial strains for the detection of mutagenic aromatic nitrogen compounds and oxidative mutagens
Vahl, H.H., L. Karbe, M.-J. Prieto-Alamo, C. Pueyo, J. Westendorf

An integrated approach to assess the benthic quality after sediment capping in Venice lagoon
Bona, F., Cecconi, G., Maffiotti, A.

SEDS: Setting environmental decisions for sediment, a decision making tool for sediment management
Krantzberg, G., T. Reynoldson, R. Jaagumagi, D. Bedard, S. Painter, D. Boyd, T. Pawson

An unusual 4-Methyl sterol present in abyssal sediments from the north-east Atlantic Ocean
Santos, V., Billett, D., Wolff, G.

Modification of an index of biotic integrity for assessing bernal ponds and small palustrine wetlands using fish, crayfish and amphibian assmblages along southern Lake Michigan
Simon, T., Jankowski, R., Morris, C.

Application of exergy and specific exergy as ecological indicators of coastal areas
Jorgensen, S.E.