AEHM – Volume 3, Issue 1

Large Lakes of the World: Comparative Ecology

M. Munawar

The regulation of phytoplankton population dynamics in the world’s largest lakes
Reynolds, C.S., S.N. Reynolds, I.F. Munawar, M. Munawar

Biogeochemical comparison of Lakes Superior and Malawi and the limnological consequences of an endless summer
Hecky, R.E.

Phytoplankton nutrient status and mean water column irradiance in Lakes Malawi and Superior
Guildford, S.J., H.A. Bootsma, E.J. Fee, R. Hecky, G. Patterson

A 6000-year record of interaction between Hamilton Harbour and Lake Ontario: Quantitative assessment of recent hydrologic disturbance using 13C in lake sediment cellulose
Wolfe, B.B., T. Edwards & H.C. Duthie

Numerical simulation of wind-driven circulation in Lake Tanganyika
Podsetchinene V. & T. Huttula

The large lake ecosystems of Northern Canada

Anthropogenic impacts to large lakes in China: The Tai Hu example
Dokulil, M., W. Chen, Q.Cai

Mutagemicity of bleached and unbleached effluents from Baikalsk pulp and paper mill at Lake Baikal, Russia
S.V. Kotelevtsev, O.O.P. Hanninen, P.A. Lindstrom-Seppa, S.E. Huuskonen, L.I. Stepanova, V.M. Glaser, A.M. Beim

Exotic species in large lakes of the world
Hall, S.R., E.L. Mills

Contributed Articles

Environmental and bioeconomic characterisation of coastal and marine systems of Cameroon, including risk implications of the Chad-Cameroon pipeline project
Price, A., Klaus, R., Sheppard, C., Abbiss, M., Kofani, M., Webster, G.

Effect of UV radiation on the bioavailability of Mareine diatom-derived low-molecular-weighr dissolved organic matter
Naganuma, T., Fukai, I., Murakami, Y., Nakane, T., Sukizaki, S.,

Use of statistical process control (SPC) for coastal marine biological impact analysis
Maurer, D., Robertson, G., Mengel, M., Gerlinger, T., Lissner, A.

Land use, habitat and water quality effects on macroinvertebraate communities in three watersheds of a Lake Michigan associated marsh system
Stewart, P.M., Butcher, J., Swinford, T.O.