AEHM – Volume 20, Issue 1-2

Ecology and Health of Major Rivers of India: Biota, Fisheries and Management



Ganges River Systems

River Ganges – Historical, cultural and socioeconomic attributes
Dilip Kumar

Employing indicators for prioritization of fish assemblage with a view to manage freshwater fish diversity and ecosystem health in the tributaries of Ganges basin, India
U. K. Sarkar, V. K. Dubey, S. P. Singh & Atul K. Singh

Patterns of fish diversity, community structure and ecological integrity of River Yamuna, India
A. P. Sharma, M. K. Das, K. K. Vass & R. K. Tyagi

River ecosystems of the Central Highland ecoregion: Spatial distribution of benthic flora and fauna in the Plateau rivers (tributaries of the Yamuna and Ganga) in Central India
Prakash Nautiyal, Asheesh Shivam Mishra, Jyoti Verma & Asha Agrawal

Status, threats and conservation challenges to key aquatic fauna (Crocodile and Dolphin) in National Chambal Sanctuary, India
Hari Singh & R. J. Rao

Studies on ecology, fish diversity and fisheries of Ken–Betwa rivers (India): Proposed for inter-linking
K. D. Joshi, Md. A. Alam, D. N. Jha, K. Srivastava, S. K. Srivastava, V. Kumar & A. P. Sharma

Diversity and conservation status of freshwater fishes of the major rivers of northeast India
W. Vishwanath

Fish habitat and fisheries of Brahmaputra River in Assam, India
B. K. Bhattacharjya, U. Bhaumik & A. P. Sharma

Do the rivers of Chota Nagpur Dry Forests (Jharkhand), Damodar and Subarnarekha differ in biodiversity of aquatic macrozoobenthos, functional feeding groups and biological water quality?
Hasko F. Nesemann, Gopal Sharma, Ram Kumar, Ashish Sheetal & Saryu Roy

Fisheries of Indian Shad (Tenualosa ilisha) in the Hooghly–Bhagirathi stretch of the Ganga River system
Utpal Bhaumik

Effect of river connectivity on hydrochemistry, sediment enzyme activity and biotic communities of wetlands
Md. Aftabuddin, M. A. Hassan, A. K. Das, B. C. Jha & A. P. Sharma

Peninsular River Systems

A case study of the Narmada River system in India with particular reference to the impact of dams on its ecology and fisheries
Utpal Bhaumik, M. K. Mukhopadhyay, N. P. Shrivastava, A. P. Sharma & S. N. Singh

Status of the River Krishna: Water quality and riverine environment in relation to fisheries
A. K. Das, R. K. Manna, D. S. K. Rao, B. C. Jha, M. Naskar & A. P. Sharma

Towards building conservation prioritization strategies for tropical freshwater systems: A case study based on fish assemblages from the Western Ghats, India
Anuradha Bhat


Socioeconomic status of riverine fisher communities in India
Pradeep K. Katiha, Arun Pandit, Anjana Ekka & A. P. Sharma