AEHM – Volume 2, Issue 4

Sediment Quality Assessment: Tools, Criteria and Strategies

R. Baudo & M. Munawar

Sediment toxicity and contaminants in the Kattegat and Skagerrak
Göran Dave & Eva Nilsson

In situ tests to assess the potential toxicity of aquatic sediments
Renato Baudo, Monica Beltrami & Daria Rossi

A comparative bioassessment of sediment toxicity in lentic and lotic ecosystems of the North American Great Lakes
M. Munawar, R. Dermott, L.H. McCarthy, S.F. Munawar & H.A. van Stam

Combining sediment quality criteria and sediment bioassays with photoactivation for assessing sediment quality along the Swedish West Coast
Ann-Sofie Wernersson, Göran Dave & Eva Nilsson

Phytotoxicity assessment of Lake Orta sediments
M. Beltrami, D. Rossi & R. Baudo

Bioavailability of lambda-cyhalothrin to Chironomus riparius in sediment-water and water-only systems
M.J. Hamer, U.M. Goggin, K. Muller & S.J. Maund

Use of power analysis to develop detectable significance criteria for sea urchin toxicity tests
R.S. Carr & J.M. Biedenbach

Review of emerging issues in sediment treatment
T.P. Murphy, A. Lawson, M. Kumagai & J. Babin

An integrated approach to sediment quality assessment: the Venetian lagoon as a case study
A. Volpi Ghirardini, T. Birkemeyer, A. Arizzi Novelli, E. Delaney, B. Pavoni & P.F. Ghetti

Concentration and distribution of chlorinated phenolic compounds in Fraser River suspended sediment
M. Sekela, R. Brewer, C. Baldazzi, G. Moyle & T. Tuominen

Characterisation of harbour and coastal sediments: specific destinations of dredged material
D. Pellegrini, A. Ausili, F. Onorati, G. Ciuffa, M. Gabellini, N. Bigongiari & S. De Ranieri

The suitability of Corophium orientale (Crustacea, Amphipoda) in harbour sediment toxicity bioassessment
F. Onorati, N. Bigongiari, D. Pellegrini & S. Giuliani