AEHM – Volume 2, Issue 3

Jack Christie Memorial Essays

Foreword: Jack Christie memorial essays
C.K. Minns & M. Munawar

Gavin Christie

Perspectives on Sustainable Fisheries — W.J. (Jack) Christie’s Story
W.J. Christie, P.J. Christie, E.A. Christie & G.C. Christie

The ecosystem pyramid and the means for attaining ecological sustainability: an essay in honour of Jack Christie
C.K. Minns

Reflections on the challenges of the ecosystem approach: a remembrance of Jack Christie
J.F. Koonce

Extending causality in the Great Lakes basin ecosystem
J.R. Vallentyne

Over-fishing in the Great Lakes: the context and history of the controversy
H.A. Regier, T.H. Whillans, W.J. Christie & S.A. Bocking

Challenges to the implementation of the ecosystem approach in the Great Lakes basin
M.L. Jones & W.W. Taylor

Changes in relative abundance, variability, and stability of fish assemblages of Eastern Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte—the value of long-term community sampling
J.M. Casselman, K.A. Scott, D.M. Brown & C.J. Robinson

On my father
P.J. Christie

Contributed articles

Environmental education for ecosystem health: a methodology for the Piracicaba River basin, southeast Brazil
F.A.R. Barbosa, C.B. Guerra & P.M. Maia-Barbosa

Bioassays for testing effects of Al, Cr and Cd using development in the amphibian Pleurodeles waltl and regeneration in the planarian Dugesia etrusca
F. Calevro, S. Campani, C. Filippi, R. Batistoni, P. Deri, S. Bucci, M. Ragghianti & G. Mancino

A case analysis of strategies in ecotourism development
B.A. Masberg & N. Morales

Epipelic diatoms from the Matanza-Riachuelo river (Argentina), a highly polluted basin from the pampean plain: biotic indices and multivariate analysis
N. Gómez

Effects of potential xenoestrogens (DEHP, nonylphenol and PCB) on sexual differentiation in juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
L. Norrgren, A. Blom, P.L. Andersson, H. Börjeson, D.G.J. Larsson & P.-E. Olsson

Composition and dynamics of autotrophic picoplankton and spectral light distribution in saline lignite mining lakes of Germany
B. Zippel & M. Schimmele

Invited commentary

Exemptionalism vs environmentalism: the crucial debate on the value of ecosystem health
J. Cairns Jr