AEHM – Volume 2, Issue 2

Editorial: John R. Vallentyne Lecture Series
Dr. M. Munawar

Infusing ecology into politics
J.R. Vallentyne

Balancing ecological destruction and restoration: the only hope for sustainable use of the planet
J. Cairns Jr

On the transformation from healthy to degraded aquatic ecosystems
David J. Rapport

Taller Chapala: an integrated academic approach to sustainable development
Diana Ortega-Villaseñor

Determining the lotic ecosystem nutrient and trophic status of three streams in eastern Oklahoma over two seasons
M.D. Matlock, D.E. Storm, M.D. Smolen & M.E. Matlock

Complexity related to behavior of stability in mdoeled coastal zone ecosystems
H. Pérez-España & F. Arreguín-Sánchez

The use of ecological information in the selection of quality objectives for river conservation and restoration in Flanders (Belgium)
A. Schneiders, C. Wils & R. Verheyen

An outline of a diagnostic system of criteria to rank chemical threats to aquatic ecosystems
L. Håkanson

The implementation of a regional biomonitoring program in northeast Brazil
T. Watanabe, R.A. Coler & R.J. Paz