AEHM – Volume 2, Issue 1

Integrated Toxicology

Renato Baudo, M. Munawar & C. van de Guchte

Realistic assessments of ecotoxicity using traditional and novel approaches
G.A. Burton Jr

Ecological and ecotoxicological surveys of moderately contaminated floodplain ecosystems in The Netherlands
J. de Jonge, J.M. Brils, A.J. Hendriks & W.C. Ma

The relation between macroinvertebrate assemblages in the Rhine-Meuse delta (The Netherlands) and sediment quality
H.C. Reinhold-Dudok & Heel P.J. den Besten

Spatial variations in trace metal and stable isotope content of autochthonous organisms and sediments in the river Po system (Italy)
M. Camusso, R. Balestrini, W. Martinotti & M. Arpini

Assessment of the alterations of the aquatic environment downstream from a polluted tributary of the river Po (Italy)
L. ViganĂ², G. Barbiero, A. Buffagni, M. Mingazzini & R. Pagnotta

Ecotoxicological aspects of chlorinated fatty acids
G. Ewald