AEHM – Volume 18, Issue 3

Marine Invasive Species: Management of Ballast Water and other Vectors


M. Munawar & S. Bailey

Conference Inaugural Speeches

An overview of thirty years of research on ballast water as a vector for aquatic invasive species to freshwater and marine environments
S.A. Bailey

Abundance of Harmful Algal Blooms in the Coastal Waters of Oman: 2006-2011
A.R. Al-Azri, K. A. Al-Hashmi, H. Al-Habsi, N. Al-Azri, and S. Al-Khusaibi

Suspected ballast water introductions in the Arabian Gulf
F.Y. Al-Yamani, V. Skryabin, and S.R.V. Durvasula

Transport of Harmful Marine Microalgae via Ship’s Ballast Water: Management and Mitigation with special reference to the Arabian Gulf region
G.M. Hallegraef

Invasion history and vector dynamics in coastal marine ecosystems: a North American perspective
G.M. Ruiz, P.W. Fofonoff, B.P. Steves, and J.T. Carlton

Risk Assessment: Cornerstone of an Aquatic Invasive Species Program
N.E. Mandrak, and B. Cudmore

Climate change and the impact of invasive species on aquatic ecosystems
M. Kernan

More than propagule pressure: Successful invading algae have physiological adaptations suitable to anthropogenically changing nutrient environments
P.M. Glibert

Increased use of non-native algae species in the diet of the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) in a primary pasture ecosystem in Hawaii
D.J. Russell and G.H. Balazs

A synthesis of marine invasive species research and management in the ROPME Sea Area
S.A. Bailey and M. Munawar