AEHM – Volume 18, Issue 2

A Rare Glimpse of the Freshwater Fishes of Central Asia

N. Bogutskaya, N. Mandrak, C.K. Minns, and M. Munawar

The fishes and fishery in Lake Baikal
A.N. Matveyev, and V.P. Samusenok

Fish diversity in Kyrgyzstan: species composition, fisheries and management problems
L.A. Kustareva, and A.M. Naseka

Fish diversity and fisheries in the Caspian Sea and Aral–Syr Darya basin in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the beginning of the 21st Century
I.V. Mitrofanov, and N.Sh. Mamilov

Dagestan fisheries in the Western Caspian Sea: current status, factors of impact and recommendations to sustainable management
A.S. Abdusamadov, and H.S. Belyaeva

Sea of Azov: a brief review of the environment and fishery
O.A. Diripasko, N.G. Bogutskaya, K.V. Dem’yanenko, and L.V. Izergin

Environmental conditions, freshwater fishes and fishery management in Ukraine
Y.V. Movchan

Contributed Articles

Ecosystem Health of Lake Vänern – Past, Present and Future Research
G. Dave, M. Munawar, S.-Å. Wängberg

Phytoplankton composition and microcystin concentrations in open and closed bays of Lake Victoria, Tanzania
A.S. Mbonde, L. Sitoki, and R. Kurmayer

Algal growth potential and oxidative stress in Ankistrodesmus falcatus exposed to waters from Xochimilco Lake system (México)
O. Abeja-Pineda, E. López-López, L. Favari, and J.E. Sedeño-Díaz

Assessment of fish species assemblage on mesohabitat scale: A case of middle stretch of Narmada River, India
M. Naskar, S.K. Sahu, and A.P. Sharma

Review of environmental conditions in the water level fluctuation zone: Perspectives on riparian vegetation engineering in the Three Gorges Reservoir
F. Yang, Y. Wang, and Z. Chan

A Tribute to Dr. Sharon G. Lawrence
D. Malley