AEHM – Volume 17, Issue 2

Contributed articles

Evaluating impairment in Wisconsin Areas of Concern using relative abundance of Smallmouth Bass
Andrew H. Fayram, Brian M. Weigel, John Lyons & Thomas Simmons

Effects of localized temperature and precipitation on historic Walleye recruitment in Wisconsin, USA with implications for climate change
Andrew H. Fayram, Joanna D. Tober Griffin & Jamison L. Wendel

Risk assessment of wetland under aluminium and iron toxicities: A review
O. Ayeni, L. Kambizi, C. Laubscher, O. Fatoki & O. Olatunji

Use of macrophytes in the bioassessment of the health of King’wal Wetland, Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya
A. O. Achieng’, P. O. Raburu, L. Okinyi & S. Wanjala

A modeling assessment of contaminant fate in the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario: Part 2. Organic chemicals
Nilima Gandhi, Miriam L. Diamond, Roshanak Razavi, Satyendra P. Bhavsar, Erin M. Hodge, Sarah B. Gewurtz & George B. Arhonditsis

Elucidation of ecosystem attributes of two Mackenzie great lakes with trophic network analysis
Muhammad Yamin Janjua, Ross Tallman & Kimberly Howland

Dynamic evaluation on ecosystem service values of urban rivers and lakes: A case study of Nanchang City, China
Yaobin Liu

Aquatic Coleoptera response to environmental factors of freshwater ecosystems in Changbai Mountain, northeast China
Baili Dong, Chunnu Geng, Yongjiu Cai & Lanzhu Ji

Estimating recreational fishing tackle loss in Mediterranean coastal areas: Potential impacts on wildlife
J. Lloret, A. Garrote, N. Balasch & T. Font

On structure and maturity changes of the Bohai Sea ecosystem during the 1980s–1990s
Ting Zheng & Xue-Yi You

The saga of community learning: Mariculture and the Bolinao experience
Laura T. David, Davelyn Pastor-Rengel, Liana Talaue-McManus, Evangeline Magdaong, Rose Salalila-Aruelo, Helen Grace Bangi, Maria Lourdes San Diego-McGlone, Cesar Villanoy & Kristina Cordero-Bailey