AEHM – Volume 16, Issue 3

Great Lakes of the World (GLOW) VI: Linking Ecosystem-Based Science to Management

M. Munawar & M. Van der Knaap

The science of ecosystem-based management on a global scale: The Laurentian Great Lakes, Lake Ontario, and the Bay of Quinte as a nested case study
C. K. Minns

Contributions towards an ecosystem based management of Lake Titicaca
J. Vera Cartas, K. S. Pucheu & B. Torres Beristain

Development of an integrated assessment of large lakes using towed in situ sensor technologies: Linking nearshore conditions with adjacent watersheds
J. R. Kelly & P. M. Yurista

Microbial foodweb comparison of the Laurentian Great Lakes during the summers of 2001–2004
M. Munawar, I. F. Munawar & M. Fitzpatrick

Comparative analysis of fisheries restoration and public participation in Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika
M. Van der Knaap

Contributed articles

Floristic quality assessment for marshes in Alberta’s northern prairie and boreal regions
Matthew J. Wilson, Andrew S. Forrest & Suzanne E. Bayley

Phytoplankton community structure shaped by key environmental factors in fish and shellfish farms in Daya Bay, South China
Xia Zhang, Xiaoping Huang & Liangmin Huang

Spatial distribution of pelagic fish larvae in the northern main basin of Lake Huron
Edward F. Roseman & Timothy P. O’Brien

Fishing for Dagaa with 5 mm and 10 mm mesh nets: A comparison of length-frequencies and biological characteristics
Philemon E. Nsinda, Batman S. Msuku & Hillary D. Mrosso

Application and transferability of Great Lakes coastal wetland indices of biotic integrity to high quality inland lakes of Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan
Eric J. Calabro, Brent A. Murry, Daelyn A. Woolnough & Donald G. Uzarski

Management of land-based sources of marine pollution
Saleh Al-Muzaini