AEHM – Volume 16, Issue 1

Dr. Henry A. Regier C.M.: A tribute and felicitation by AEHMS
C. K. Minns, B. J. Shuter and M. Munawar (Canada)

Invited article

Perspectives on an ecosystem approach to ecogenic challenges in the Great Laurentian Basin and beyond
H. A. Regier (Canada)

Contributed articles

Benthic marine biodiversity patterns across the United Kingdom and Ireland determined from recreational diver observations: A baseline for possible species range shifts induced by climate change
J. C. Bull, S. Mason, C. Wood and A. R. G. Price (United Kingdom)

Temporal and spatial variability of benthic macrofauna communities in the Yangtze River estuary and adjacent area
L. Shou, J. Zeng, Y. Liao, T. Xu, A. Gao, Z. Chen, Q. Chen and J. Yang (China)

Benthic foodweb of a salt marsh in an artificial lagoon, central Japan
K. Kon, Y. Hoshino, K. Kanou, D. Okazaki, S. Nakayama and H. Kohno (Japan)

Abundance and trophodynamics of surface microbial loop populations in the northern Red Sea
H. A. El-Serehy, K. A. Al-Rasheid, S. Al-Quraishi, F. Al-Misned and S. Al-Farraj (Saudi Arabia)

PCDD/F contamination of the Venice Lagoon: A history of industrial activities and past management choices
L. G. Bellucci, C. Mugnai, S. Giuliani, S. Romano, S. Albertazzi and M. Frignani (Italy)

Bioconcentration of benzo[a]pyrene in Chironomus riparius and Lumbriculus variegatus in relation to dissolved organic matter and biotransformation
S. O. Agbo, J. Akkanen, M. T. Leppänen and J. V. K. Kukkonen (Finland)

Trace metals and rare earth elements in Rock Oyster Saccostrea cucullata along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia
M. M. Fuad, N. A. M. Shazili and M. Faridah (Malaysia)

Endocrine disrupting chemicals in aquatic environments: A potential reason for organism extinction?
Y. Wang & J. Zhou (China)

Groundwater quality and the potentiality in health risk assessment in Zhengzhou, China
Q. Cheng, H. Wu, Y. Wu, H. Li, X. Zhang and W. Wang (China)

Relinkage of the Mfolozi River to the St. Lucia estuarine system – urgent imperative for the long-term management of a Ramsar and World Heritage Site
A. K. Whitfield, G. C. Bate, T. Forbes and R. H. Taylor (South Africa)

Litter composition and source contribution for 80 beaches in Greece, Eastern Mediterranean: A nationwide voluntary clean-up campaign
S. Kordellaa, M. Geragaa, G. Papatheodoroua, E. Fakirisa and I. M. Mitropouloub (Greece)

The achievement of water management objectives based on willingness to pay for a water service fee in tidal lowlands
M. Yazid, M. N. Shamsudin, K. A. Rahim, A. Radam and A. Muda (Malaysia)