AEHM – Volume 15, Issue 1

Marine environmental change of the South China Sea

Mohiuddin Munawar

Dongxiao Wang

Monsoon climate

Response of the South China Sea upper layer circulation to monsoon anomalies during 1997/1998 El Niño event
Jian Lan, Yu Wang & Ying Bao

The implications of El Niño-Southern Oscillation signal for South China monsoon climate
Wen Zhou, Wen Chen & Dong Xiao Wang

Impacts of the Siberian High and Arctic Oscillation on the East Asia winter monsoon: Driving downwelling in the western Bering Sea
Jia Wang, Xuezhi Bai, Dongxiao Wang, Daoru Wang, Haoguo Hu & Xiaoyi Yang

Impacts of El Niño-Southern Oscillation and local sea surface temperature on moisture source in Asian-Australian monsoon region in boreal summer
Yunting Qiao, Wei Huang & Maoqiu Jian

Physical and biological processes in Luzon Strait

Upper layer circulation in the Luzon Strait
Guihua Wang, Dongxiao Wang & Tianjun Zhou

Seasonal variability of chlorophyll a fronts in the Luzon Strait based on satellite observations
Chunhua Qiu, Dongxiao Wang, Zhigang He & Chuqun Chen

Distribution and interannual variation of winter phytoplankton blooms northwest of Luzon Islands from satellite observations
Hui Zhao, Dandan Sui, Qiang Xie, Guoqi Han, Dongxiao Wang, Nancy Chen & DanLing Tang

Hydrodynamic processes in the Pearl River Estuary

Responses of the river plume to the external forcing in Pearl River Estuary
L. Luo, W. Zhou & D. Wang

Saltwater intrusion in the Pearl River Estuary during winter
Wei Zhou, Lin Luo, Hongzhou Xu & Dongxiao Wang

Contributed articles

Simplification of macrozoobenthic assemblages related to anthropogenic eutrophication and cyanobacterial blooms in two large shallow subtropical lakes in China
Yongjiu Cai, Jiahu Jiang, Lu Zhang, Yuwei Chen & Zhijun Gong

A review of selected ecosystem services provided by coastal wetlands of the Laurentian Great Lakes
Michael E. Sierszen, John A. Morrice, Anett S. Trebitz & Joel C. Hoffman