AEHM – Volume 14, Issue 4

Ecology of Lake Superior

Mohiuddin Munawar

Preface: Ecology of Lake Superior: Preface and Prospectus
John R. Kelly

Challenges to Lake Superior’s condition, assessment, and management: A few observations across a generation of change
John R. Kelly, Peder M. Yurista, Samuel E. Miller, Anne C. Cotter, Timothy C. Corry, Jill V. Scharold, Michael E. Sierszen, Edmund J. Isaac & Jason D. Stockwell

Lake Superior: Nearshore variability and a landscape driver concept
Peder Yurista, John R. Kelly & Samuel E. Miller

An integrated approach to assessing multiple stressors for coastal Lake Superior
Gerald J. Niemi, Euan D. Reavie, Gregory S. Peterson, John R. Kelly, Carol A. Johnston, Lucinda B. Johnson, Robert W. Howe, George E. Host, Tom P. Hollenhorst, Nicholas P. Danz, Jan J. H. Ciborowski, Terry N. Brown, Valerie J. Brady & Richard P. Axler

High-resolution assessment and visualization of environmental stressors in the Lake Superior basin
George E. Host, Terry N. Brown, Tom P. Hollenhorst, Lucinda B. Johnson & Jan J. H. Ciborowski

Microbial ecology of Lake Superior Bacteria and Archaea: An overview
Andrew J. Reed & Randall E. Hicks

What have diatoms revealed about the ecological history of Lake Superior?
Euan D. Reavie & Lisa E. Allinger

Rapid stable isotope turnover of larval fish in a Lake Superior coastal wetland: Implications for diet and life history studies
Joel C. Hoffman, Anne M. Cotter, Gregory S. Peterson, Timothy D. Corry & John R. Kelly

Denitrification rates in a Lake Superior coastal wetland
Michael L. Knuth & John R. Kelly

Estimating mercury concentrations and loads from four western Lake Superior watersheds using continuous in-stream turbidity monitoring
E. M. Ruzycki, R. P. Axler, J. R. Henneck, N. R. Will & G. E. Host

Monitoring land cover change in the Lake Superior basin
T. P. Hollenhorst, L. B. Johnson & J. Ciborowski

Interacting watershed size and landcover influences on habitat and biota of Lake Superior coastal wetlands
Anett S. Trebitz, John C. Brazner, Danny K. Tanner & Roger Meyer

‘State of Lake Superior’: A review
J. Leach