AEHM – Volume 14, Issue 2

J. R. Vallentyne & R. A. Vollenweider Memorial Issue

Mohiuddin Munawar

Charles K. Minns

Joe Leach & Ed Mills

Biography: Dr. John R. Vallentyne (1926–2007)
Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society

The non-scientific contributions of Jack Vallentyne
Jane Vallentyne

My father, the environmentalist
Peter Vallentyne

Personal ramblings about John Reuben Way Vallentyne
G. J. Brunskill

Lessons for a young naturalist, or, how Jack Vallentyne launched my career
Stuart D. Ludlam

John R. (Jack) Vallentyne: enduring lessons in leadership
Andrew L. Hamilton

Vallentyne legacy
James P. Bruce

Jack Vallentyne’s ecosystemic legacy
John H. Hartig

Jack Vallentyne, the Atlas of ecosystems
Joe Leach

Close encounters with the best kind: Jack Vallentyne (a.k.a. Johnny Biosphere and Professor Trout)
M. Munawar

My memories of Jack Vallentyne
Charles R. Goldman

A poem/lyrics by Johnny Biosphere: These Lakes Are Your Lakes
Carlos Fetterolf

Johnny Biosphere: limnologist and ecological advocate
L. H. McCarthy

Johnny Biosphere, man of delight
Gerry Daly

Reminiscences about Jack Vallentyne’s personal qualities and his contributions to science, human society, and Earth’s great community of living things
Togwell A. Jackson

Serendipitous intersections with Jack Vallentyne
Stuart H. Hurlbert

Biography: Dr. Richard A. Vollenweider (1922–2007)
Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society

Richard Vollenweider: some reminiscences from the 1950s
Roland Schröder

Richard A. Vollenweider: contribution to our knowledge of Italian lakes
Rosario Mosello, Riccardo de Bernadi & Oscar Ravera

From Switzerland to Canada: a diary of two Swiss Postdoctoral Fellows and Richard A. Vollenweider
René Gächter & Pius Stadelmann

Richard Vollenweider remembered
Arnold Nauwerck

Dr. Richard Vollenweider and the Great Lakes
James P. Bruce

Richard Vollenweider: an original thinker and one of his last ideas, moving correlations
Graham Harris

Exploring the Great Lakes with Dr. God: R. A. Vollenweider
Mohiuddin Munawar

Dr. R. A. Vollenweider: the man and his science
A. El-Shaarawi

Richard A. Vollenweider in the 1980s at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters
Lorraine L. Janus

Scientific articles

Contribution of Richard A. Vollenweider toward understanding eutrophication of the coastal Adriatic Sea
Attilio Rinaldi & Franco Giovanardi

The application of Vollenweider’s eutrophication models for assessing ecosystem health: Hamilton Harbour (Lake Ontario) example
M. Munawar & M. Fitzpatrick

Cutting through complexity with Vollenweider’s razor
Edgar F. Lowe & Joel S. Steward

Limnological responses to changes in the thermal mixing regime in Lake Biwa associated with global warming
Mitsuru Sakamoto

Bloom development and phytoplankton succession in Lake Winnipeg: a comparison of historical records with recent data
H. J. Kling, S. B. Watson, G. K. McCullough & M. P. Stainton


Complex initiatives by Jack Vallentyne and Richard Vollenweider within an ecosystem approach to the Great Laurentian Basin
Henry A. Regier