AEHM – Volume 14, Issue 1

Ecosystem Health and Recovery of the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario

M. Munawar

Long-term ecosystem studies in the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, 1972–2008: A prospectus
Charles K. Minns, Mohiuddin Munawar, Marten A. Koops & E. Scott Millard

Temporal trends and spatial patterns in the temperature and oxygen regimes in the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, 1972-2008
C.K. Minns, J.E. Moore, S.E. Doka, M.A. St. John (Canada)

The relative importance of autotrophic and heterotrophic microbial communities in the planktonic food web of the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario 2000 – 2007
M. Munawar, M. Fitzpatrick, H. Niblock, J. Lorimer (Canada)

The phytoplankton of the Bay of Quinte, 1972-2008: point-source phosphorusloading control, dreissenid mussel establishment, and a proposed community reference
K.H. Nicholls and E.C. Carney (Canada)

Changes in zooplankton biomass in the Bay of Quinte with the arrival of the mussels, Dreissena polymorpha and D. rostiformis bugensis, and the predatory cladoceran, Cercopagis pengoi: 1975 to 2008
K.L. Bowen and O.E. Johannsson (Canada)

Distribution and movement of walleye in the Bay of Quinte and Eastern Lake Ontario
J. N. Bowlby and J. A. Hoyle (Canada)

Larval Lake Whitefish abundance, diet and growth and their zooplankton prey abundance during a period of ecosystem change on the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario
J.A. Hoyle, O.E. Johannsson, and K.L. Bowen (Canada)

Fish community indices of ecosystem health: Are index of biotic integrity values at Bay of Quinte relatively high compared to other coastal sites in Lake Ontario?
C.M. Brousseau, R.G. Randall, J.A.. Hoyle, and C.K. Minns (Canada)

A modeling assessment of contaminant fate in the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario: Part 1. metals
N. Gandhi, M.L. Diamond, R. Razavi, S.P. Bhavsar , E.M. Hodge (Canada)

Applying a regional coastal wetland monitoring framework to refine and report on wildlife and habitat delisting criteria in the Bay of Quinte Area of Concern
D. Macecek and G.P. Grabas (Canada)

A comparison of approaches for integrated management in coastal marine areas of Canada with the historical approach used in the Great Lakes (Bay of Quinte)
R.G. Randall, M.A. Koops, and C.K. Minns (Canada)