AEHM – Volume 13, Issue 4

Ecosystem Health of the Majestic River Ganges

S. P. Singh & M. Munawar

M. Munawar

Water quality of the Ganga River: An overview
R.C. Trivedi (India)

Heavy metal and microbial pollution of River Ganga: A case study of water quality at Varanasi
P. K Rai, A. Mishra, B.D.Tripathi (India)

Food chains of the Ganga River ecosystem in the Himalaya
P. Nautiyal (India)

Ecology, changes in fisheries, and energy estimates in the middle stretch of the River Ganges
K. Vass, R.K. Tyagi, H.P. Singh, V. Pathak (India)

The environment and fishery status of the River Ganges
K. K. Vass, S. K. Mondal, S. Samanta, V. R. Suresh and P. K. Katiha (India)

Contributed Articles

Checking the pulse of Lake Ontario’s microbial-planktonic communities: A trophic transfer hypothesis
M. Munawar, M. Fitzpatrick, I. F. Munawar, H. Niblock (Canada)

Benthic fauna in Hamilton Harbour and adjacent Lake Ontario 2002 – 2005: in comparison to 1964
R. Dermott and R. Bonnell (Canada)

Is Western consumption of Nile perch from Lake Victoria sustainable?
M. van der Knaap and W. Ligtvoet (Netherlands)

Human aspects of siltation of Lake Baringo: Causes, Impacts and Interventions
C. Lwenya and E. Yongo (Kenya)

Comparison of the genetic and ecological diversity of the native to the introduced tilapiines (Pisces: Cichlidae), and their population structures in Lake Victoria region, East Africa
W. W. Mwanja, L. Kaufman and P. A. Fuerst(Uganda)

Spatial and temporal patterns in abundance and distribution of zooplankton in the Tanzanian waters of Lake Victoria
G.W. Ngupula, R.K. Waya and C.N. Ezekiel (Tanzania)

Phytoplankton population patterns in marine shrimp culture ponds with different sources of water supply
F. Md. Yusoff, H. Matias-Peralta and M. Shariff (Malaysia)

Impact of fish feed on four benthic invertebrate phyla abundance and taxa richness: benthic ecology implications.
M. Moluwa Matute (United States)

Macro-invertebrate species diversity as a potential universal measure of wetland ecosystem integrity in constructed wetlands in South East Melbourne
S. Awal and D.l Svozil (Australia)