AEHM – Volume 13, Issue 3

Freshwater fishes and fisheries of Africa

M. Munawar, F. Roest & M. Van der Knaap

Overview of the Zambezi River System: Its history, fish fauna, fisheries, and conservation
D. Tweddle (South Africa)

Lake Malawi: fishes, fisheries, biodiversity, health and habitat
Olaf L F Weyl, Anthony J Ribbink, Denis Tweddle (South Africa)

Invited article

The fall of Native Fishes and the rise of Non-native Fishes in the Great Lakes Basin
Nicholas E. Mandrak and B. Cudmore (Canada)

Contributed articles

Ubiquitous omnivory, functional redundancy and the resiliency of Lake Victoria fish community
W. Oweke Ojwang, J.E. Ojuok, D. Mbabazi,L. Kaufman (Kenya)

Minor water bodies around southern Lake Victoria- a replica of lost biodiversity
E.F. B. Katunzi, A. Mbonde, R. Waya, H.D.R. Mrosso (Tanzania)

Fish species diversity and relative abundance in Lake Albert – Uganda
Sylvester Bwaku Wandera and John Stephen Balirwa (Uganda)

Development of co-management in the Inland Fisheries in Sri Lanka: Case studies of Senenayake Samudra and Mahavilachchiya Reservoirs
M. Kulatilake, H.S.W.A. Liyanage, W.M.J.R Fernando, J. Chandrasoma and M. Van der Knaap (Sri Lanka)

Abundance and composition of solid waste materials on western part of the Turkish Black Sea seabed
Eda N. Topçu and Bayram Öztürk (Turkey)

Turtle Captures in Shrimp Trawl Nets in Bahrain
Ebrahim A. A. Abdulqader (Kingdom of Bahrain)

Regional aquatic ecological security assessment in Jinan, China
Qian Hong, Qingbin Meng, Pei Wang, Hongyuan Wang, Ruimin Liu (China)

Effects of a small planktivore (Pseudorasbora parva: Cyprinidae) on eutrophication of a shallow eutrophic lake in central China
Yushun Chen, Zhongjie Li, Lian-Shin Lin (China)

Assessing contamination levels of amprolium and tylosin using the embryo toxicity assay and three biomarkers
Hu Jun, Liang Yong, Chen Minjie, Wang Xiaorong (China)