AEHM – Volume 13, Issue 2

Assessing Great and Large Ecosystems of the World

M. Munawar

North American:

Limnological Characteristics of Canada’s Poorly- Known Large Lakes
C.K. Minns (Canada)

Using geological history of the Laurentian Great Lakes to better understand their future
C.F.M. Lewis, D.K. Rea, J.B. Hubeny, T.A. Thompson, S.M. Blasco, J.W. King, M. Reddin, and T.C. Moore Jr. (Canada)

Use of Satellite Remote Sensing Tools for the Great Lakes
Jim Watkins (United States)

Use of Aquatic Protected Areas in the Management of Large Lakes
K.J. Hedges, M.A. Koops, N.E. Mandrak, and O.E. Johannsson (Canada)


Contemporary trends of temperature, nutrient loading, and water quality in large Lakes Peipsi and Võrtsjärv, Estonia
Tiina Nõges, Lea Tuvikene, Peeter Nõges (Estonia)

Climate-related changes of phytoplankton seasonality in large shallow Lake Võrtsjärv, Estonia
Peeter Nõges, Tiina Nõges, Alo Laas (Estonia)

Estimation of zooplankton abundance, distribution patterns and patchiness in a large humic lake using an Optical Plankton Counter (OPC)
M. Rahkola-Sorsa, V. Avinsky, P. Can, K. Rasmus, G. Waissi and M. Viljanen (Finland)

Monitoring of spatial water quality in lakes by remote sensing and transect measurements
A. Lepistö, T. Huttula, S. Koponen, K. Kallio, A. Lindfors, M. Tarvainen and J. Sarvala (Finland)


Spatial dynamics of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in nearshore waters of Lake Victoria
Steven A. Loiselle, Nicholas Azza, John Gichuki, Luca Bracchini, Antonio Tognazzi, Arduino M. Dattil, Claudio Rossi (Italy)

Changes in abundance of Nile shrimp, Caridina nilotica (Roux) following the decline of Nile perch and recovery of native haplochromine fishes, Lake Victoria, Tanzania waters
G.W Ngupula and E. Mlaponi (Tanzania)

The Introduction of the Endemic Fish Species, Lamprichthys Tanganicanus (Poeciliidae), from Lake Tanganyika into Lake Kivu: Possible Causes and Effects
Nshombo Muderhwa and Lushombo Matabaro (Burundi)

Some observations on the spawning season of Barbus amphigramma in Lake Naivasha, Kenya
Mutia, G. M., Ntiba, M..J., Mavuti, K. M. and Omondi G. (Kenya)