AEHM – Volume 13, Issue 1

Changing Great Lakes of the World and Rift Valley Lakes: Sustainability, Integrity and Management

M. Munawar & M. Van der Knaap

Some possible factors leading to decline in fish species in Lake Victoria
M. Njiru, O.C. Mkumbo and M. van der Knaap (Kenya)

The effect of intensive fishing on two cichlids (Oreochromis niloticus and Astatotilapia burtoni) in Nyangara wetland at the north end of Lake Tanganyika (D. R. Congo) with fishery management implications.
N’sibula Mulimbwa, Jouko Sarvala and Martin van der Knaap (Burundi)

From Mfangano to Madrid: The global commodity chain for Kenyan Nile Perch
Jennifer Lee Johnson (United States)

Emerging resource use conflicts between Kenyan fishermen, pastoralists and tribesmen of Lake Turkana
E.O. Yongo., R.O.Abila and C. Lwenya (Kenya)

Changes in the numbers of dominating parasites as indicators of condition of roach Rutilus rutilus lacustris and dace Leuciscus leuciscus baicalensis (Pisces: Cyprinidae) populations in the transect: Selenga River – River Delta – Lake Baikal
N.M. Pronin, M.D. Batueva, L.D. Sondueva, T.G. Burdukovskaya, Zh.N. Dugarov and S.V. Pronina (Russia)

Combining biodiversity conservation with poverty alleviation – a case study in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Tran Triet (Vietnam)

Fish faunas of the Chamo-Abaya and Chew Bahir basins in southern portion of the Ethiopian Rift Valley: origin and prospects for survival
Alexander S. Golubtsov, Redeat Habteselassie (Russia)

Contributed Articles

Use of fluorimetry to evaluate Atrazine toxicity to phytoplankton communities
T.J. Zananski, M.R. Twiss, and T.B. Mihuc (United States)

Long-term changes in the Changjiang Estuary plankton community related to anthropogenic eutrophication (China)
Yun Li, Daoji Li, Jingliang Tang, Yiming Wang, Zhigang Liu, and Songqin He (China)

Increase in Lake Trout reproduction in Lake Huron following the collapse of alewife: Relief from thiamine deficiency or larval predation?
J.Fitzsimons, S, Brown, L. Brown, D. Honeyfield, J. He, J.E.. Johnson (Canada)

Freshwater fishes of Bangladesh: Fisheries, biodiversity And habitat
M.G. Hussain (Bangladesh)

Are the fish captured from Kor River, Fars (Iran), safe to eat?
M. Ebrahimi and M. Taherianfard (Iran)

Chemical composition of wetland sediments as an integrator of trophic state
Inmaculada de Vicente, Francisco Guerrero and Luis Cruz-Pizarro (Spain)