AEHM – Volume 12, Issue 3

Health of marine ecosystems of South East Asia

Dams and fisheries in the Mekong Basin
E. Baran, C. Myschowoda (Cambodia)

Coastal aquaculture and shrimp farming in North Vietnam and environmental cost estimation
Tran Dinh Lan (Vietnam)

Assessment of some marine ecosystems using sustainable utilization indicators in Hai Phong – Quang Ninh coastal area, Vietnam
Tran Dinh Lan (Vietnam)

Nha Trang Bay marine protected area, Vietnam: Initial trends in coral structure and some preliminary linkages between these trends and human activities (2002-2005)
Le Doan Dung (Vietnam)

A comparison of frameworks and objectives for implementation of marine protected areas in northern Europe and in Southeast Asia
T.K. Sørensen and L. Nguyen Thomsen (Denmark)

Abundance and composition of zooplankton in the Straits of Malacca
H. Rezai, F.M. Yusoff, A. Arshad, and B.H.R. Othman (Iran)

Checking the Pulse of Lake Ontario (Continued Series)

Comparison of shipboard and satellite measurements of surface water temperature and chlorophyll a in Lake Ontario
J. Watkins (United States)

Long-term trends in major ions and nutrients in Lake Ontario
A. Dove (Canada)

Addition of Round Gobies to the prey community of Lake Ontario and potential implications to thiamine status and reproductive success of Lake Trout
J.D. Fitzsimons, M. Clark, and M. Keir (Canada)

Contributed Articles

Water pollution studies in the rivers of the Edirne Region–Turkey
M. Serdal Sakcali, R. Yilmaz, S. Gucel, C. Yarci, and M. Ozturk (Turkey)

Macroinvertebrate community structure in created wetlands of different successional stage
D.J. Spieles and J.D. Horn (United States)

Toxicity of paraquat to Daphnia magna under different exposure conditions associated with Korean agricultural conditions
B.S. Kim, Y. K. Park, M.H. Jeong, A.S. You, Y.H. Lee, Y.J. Yang, and Y.J. Ahn (Republic of Korea)

Residue levels of organochlorines and organophosphates in water, fish and sediments from Lake Victoria-Kenyan portion
K. Werimo, A.A. Bergwerff, and W. Seinen (Kenya)