AEHM – Volume 12, Issue 2

M. Munawar

Threatened and stressed mountain lakes of Europe: Assessment and progress
RW. Battarbee, M. Kernan and N. Rose (United Kingdom)

Empirical evidence of monsoon influences on Asian Lakes
J.R. Jones, P. McEachern and D. Seo (United States)

Assessing the impact of climate change on inland fisheries in River Ganga and its plains in India
K.K. Vass, M.K. Das, P.K. Srivastava and S. Dey (India)

The potential future impact of climate warming and other human activities on the productive capacity of Canada’s lake fisheries: A meta-model
C.K. Minns (Canada)

Caribbean beach changes and climate change adaptation
G. Cambers (Puerto Rico)

Use of predictive models and rapid methods to nowcast bacteria levels at coastal beaches
D.S. Francy (United States)

Bathing water signage and predictive water quality models in Scotland
C.D. McPhail and R.T. Stidson (United Kingdom)

Success of science-based best management practices in reducing swimming bans – A case study from Racine, Wisconsin, USA
J.L. Kinzelman and S.L. McLellan (United States)

Contributed Articles

Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity (M-IBI) for monitoring rivers in the upper catchment of Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya
P.O. Raburu, F.O. Masese and C.A. Mulanda (Kenya)

Cytochrome P450 induction in Ictalurus punctatus following exposure to wastewater treatment plant effluent
A. Whatley, P.M. Stewart, S.S. Bhattarai, and C. Magrath (United States)

Assessment of ecosystem health of tropical shallow waterbodies in eastern India using turbulence model
N. R. Samal, A. Mazumdar, K.D. Jöhnk and F. Peeters (India)