AEHM – Volume 12, Issue 1

The State of Lake Huron: Ecosystem Change, Habitat, and Management – Part II


Recent Changes in Benthic Macroinvertebrate Populations in Lake Huron and Impact on the Diet of Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis)
T.F. Nalepa, S.A. Pothoven and D.L. Fanslow (United States)

Review of fish diversity in the Lake Huron basin
E.F. Roseman, J.S. Schaeffer and P.J. Steen (United States)

Filling a data gap – Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) index netting in the North Channel of Lake Huron
K. Carmichael and C. Deary (Canada)

Biomass of deepwater demersal forage fishes in Lake Huron, 1994-2007: implications for offshore predators
E.F. Roseman and S.C. Riley (United States)

Diets of aquatic birds reflect changes in the Lake Huron ecosystem
C.E. Hebert, D.V.C. Weseloh, A. Idrissi, M.T. Arts and E. Roseman (Canada)

The ecological impacts of fragmentation and vegetation removal in Lake Huron’s coastal wetlands
D.G. Uzarski, T.M. Burton, R.E. Kolar and M.J. Cooper (United States)

Biodiversity in protected coastal wetlands along the west coast of Lake Huron
T.M. Burton and D.G. Uzarski (United States)

Development of ecological indicators for the U.S. Great Lakes coastal region – a summary of applications in Lake Huron
G.J. Niemi, V.J. Brady, T.N. Brown, J.J.H. Ciborowski, N.P. Danz, D.M. Ghioca, J.M. Hanowski, T.P. Hollenhorst, R.W. Howe, L.B. Johnson, C.A. Johnston and E.D. Reavie (United States)

Biodiversity and Conservation of Lake Huron’s Islands
D. Kraus, B. Henson and D. Ewert (Canada)

Assessing historical versus contemporary mercury and lead contamination in Lake Huron sediments
K.W. Forsythe and C.H. Marvin (Canada)

Contributed Article

Seasonal changes of macrobenthos distribution and diversity in Zhoushan sea area
L. Shou, Y. Huang, J. Zeng, A. Gao, Y. Liao and Q. Chen (China)