AEHM – Volume 11, Issue 4

Checking the Pulse of Lake Ontario

M. Munawar and E. Mills

Hydroacoustic measures of Mysis relicta abundance and distribution in Lake Ontario.
L.G. Rudstam, T. Schaner, G. Gal, B.T. Boscarino, R. O’Gorman, D.M. Warner, O.E. Johannsson, K.L. Bowen (United States)

Fall diets of alewife, rainbow smelt, and slimy sculpin in the profundal zone of southern Lake Ontario during 1994-2005 with an emphasis on occurrence of Mysis relicta
M.G. Walsh, R. O’Gorman, T. Strang, W.H. Edwards, L.G. Rudstam (United States)

Spatial and long-term temporal assessment of Lake Ontario water clarity, nutrients, chlorophyll a, and zooplankton
K.T. Holeck, J.M. Watkins, E.L. Mills, O. Johannsson, S. Millard, V. Richardson, K. Bowen (United States)

Distribution of the Lower Food Web in Lake Ontario: Did it affect Alewife Growth or Condition?
R. O’Gorman, S.E. Prindle, J.R. Lantry, B.F. Lantry (United States)

Lake Whitefish and Walleye population responses to Dreissenid Mussel invasion in Eastern Lake Ontario
J.A. Hoyle, J.N. Bowlby and B.J. Morrison (Canada)

The distribution of the invasive New Zealand mud snail (Potamopyrgus antipodarm) in Lake Ontario
E.P. Levri, R.M. Dermott, S.J. Lunnen, A.A. Kelly and T. Ladson (United States)

Phytoplankton Community Assessment in Eight Lake Ontario Tributaries made using Fluorimetric Methods
M.R. Twiss and I.R. MacLeod (United States)

Contributed Articles

Responses of three benthic organisms (Hyallela azteca, Limnodrillus hoffmeisteri, and Stagnicola attenuate) to natural sediment spiked with zinc when exposed in single or multi-species test systems
M. Galar Martinez (Mexico)

Changes to Fish Assemblages visting Estuarine wetlands following the closure of commercial fishing in Botany Bay, Australia
N. Saintalin, D. Mazumder, K. Cranney (Australia)

Observations on macrobenthic invertebrates and wader bird assemblages in a protected marine mudflat in Bahrain
H. Al-Sayed, H. Naser, K. Al-Wedaei (Kingdom of Bahrain)

Fish larvae assemblage of a coastal area under influence of petrochemical activities, in Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, Brazil
P. Mafalda Jr., C.S. Souza, M.P.B. Velame (Brazil)

Distribution of biologically functional habitats within a lowland river, United Kingdom
G. L. Harvey, N.J. Clifford (England)